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The Donald Trump-MAGA Love Fest Explained

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

By: Donald V. Watkins

August 5, 2023

Donald Trump came to Montgomery, Alabama Friday night and was welcomed by a sellout crowd of 2,700 political supporters at a dinner sponsored by the Alabama Republican Party. The event turned into a Trump-MAGA love fest.

Nearly every GOP official in the state proclaimed his/her undying love for Donald Trump and support for his 2024 campaign for president.

Nobody at the dinner cared about the fact that Trump has been indicted on 78 state and federal felony charges in Manhattan, Miami, and Washington. Trump is waiting criminal trials in these venues.

Another 30 or more felony charges are expected to be filed against Trump sometime this month by a Fulton County, Georgia grand jury.

Nobody at the GOP gathering last night was talking any nonsense about "law and order." That's for street criminals.

As explained in my August 3, 2023, article, Donald Trump is in a “do or die” fight for his life. Trump must win the presidency to save his own life. Losing is not an acceptable option.

Trump is expected to win the GOP’s nominee for president. Trump’s gigantic lead over his rivals in the Republican primaries is mind-boggling.

Based upon recent polling, the spate of criminal indictments against Donald Trump in Manhattan, Miami, Washington, and soon-to-be Atlanta has not eroded his political support within the Republican Party or derailed his chances of winning the presidency.

Barring divine intervention, Trump will become the 47th president of the United States in January 2025. His victory will go down as the biggest political comeback in American history. After Trump wins the election, all of his legal troubles will be over.

A New Political Paradigm

America has descended in the tribal politics that defines third-world countries. The Democratic and Republican political parties are dominated by limited thinking, self-serving, unmoored, tribal activists. Neither party has demonstrated a willingness to place our country above its political agenda.

Within this paradigm, there is a growing realization among voters that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is weaponized against the political opposition. This is true, but the weaponization of the DOJ goes back over a hundred years.

What is more, the weaponization of the DOJ is a tool that has been widely used by both political parties.

Yet, nobody in the MAGA movement seemed to care about the weaponization of the DOJ until Donald Trump became the target of its ire.

Ironically, when Trump served as president (from 2017 to 2021), neither he, nor his allies in Congress or those sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court, did anything to stop the weaponization of the DOJ.

As explained below, the last president who tried to stop the weaponization of the DOJ was George W. Bush.

The Callie House Prosecution

In 1915, black social justice activist Callie House sued the U.S. Treasury Department for $68,073,388.99 in compensation for ex-slaves. The white political establishment in Washington claimed that House's fight for economic security for ex-slaves was "setting Negroes wild" and that she was meddling in "white folks things." They labeled House as "defiant" because she would not back down from seeking pensions, life insurance, health insurance, land grants, agricultural assistance, educational assistance, reparations for slavery, and burial assistance for ex-slaves and their families.

In 1896, House co-founded the Rutherford County, Tennessee-based National Ex-Slave Mutual Relief, Bounty and Pension Association (MRB&PA) with Isaiah Dickerson and turned this organization into the first national grassroots movement to help ex-slaves achieve economic security and a chance for financial independence.

In 1916, at the urging of Southerners in Democratic President Woodrow Wilson's cabinet, Callie House and several MRB&PA officers were indicted on bogus mail fraud charges, tried in an all-white, all-male federal courtroom in Nashville, and convicted. House was sentenced to one year in prison. White House and Department of Justice records from the era showed that House was prosecuted for the sole purpose of destroying MRB&PA's national grassroots movement for land grants, pensions, and compensation for ex-slaves.

Other well-known social justice activists of the nadir who were targeted by the DOJ and FBI for persecution and prosecution included businessman Marcus Garvey and singer Billie Holiday.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the FBI’s COINTELPRO Program

The weaponization of the DOJ re-emerged in full force when this federal law enforcement agency acted in concert with state and local law enforcement agencies to attack Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., actress Jean Seberg, and thousands of other social justice advocates during the FBI’s infamous COINTELPRO era in a senseless bid to discredit and derail the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 60s.

The weaponization of the DOJ and FBI continued in the 1980s under their unofficial “Fruhmenschen” policy and in the 1990s, via the “Good Ol’ Boys Round Up.”

In the early 2000’s the DOJ used its weaponization program to destroy prominent Baltimore investment banker Nathan A. Chapman, who was the first African-American chairman of the University of Maryland Board of Regents.

In 2002, Baltimore U.S. Attorney Thomas M. DiBiago, a George W. Bush Appointee, targeted Nathan Chapman, then-Lt. Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, and other prominent Maryland Democrats for criminal investigations solely because of their party affiliation.

In July 2004, DiBiagio sent a memo urging his federal prosecutors to obtain "Three 'Front-Page' White Collar/Public Corruption Indictments" before Nov. 6, four days after the presidential election. Chapman was the first one of DiBiago's political targets who was prosecuted. In 2005, the George Bush Department of Justice forced DiBiago to resign.

In a 2007 New York Times interview, Deputy Attorney General David Margolis acknowledged for the first time that he asked for DiBiagio’s resignation because "[a] reasonable person could have concluded that he was trying to affect the outcome of an election, and we just can't have that."

Today, the practice of using the DOJ's criminal justice apparatus to "affect the outcome of an election" is a routine occurrence. Under Merrick Garland's leadership, the DOJ is in the business of picking "winners" and "losers"in the political arena.

The Donald J. Trump Phenomenen

Republicans across the country now realize that the DOJ and FBI have been weaponized against Donald Trump and his MAGA Republicans supporters.

They spotlight the DOJ’s tough prosecutorial treatment of Trump, as compared to its undeniably lenient prosecutorial treatment of crack and powder cocaine using, tax-evading, prostitute-using, unlawful gun-possessing Hunter Biden – America’s First Son.

The allegiance that MAGA Republicans are conferring upon Donald Trump is a perverse form of the allegiance that Americans of interracial goodwill conferred upon Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., after each one of his 29 documented arrests on trumped up criminal charges. The arrests, themselves, are tantamount to badges of honor and street credentials in the respective movements led by each man.

Trump has become the face of the MAGA movement just as Dr. King became the face of the civil rights movement. Trump’s arrests legitimize him in the MAGA movement just as King’s arrests legitimized him within the civil rights movement.

Trump is a divisive political cult figure, while Dr. King was a unifying humanitarian leader who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

Trump wants to take this country back to an unspecified time when America was great for one group of its citizens, but horrible for others. Dr. King wanted to take America forward to an America that embraced all of its citizens as equal men and women with full civil and constitutional rights.

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Aug 13, 2023

I recall the day Donald Trump announced his bid for president. I genuinely knew of his reputation of being corrupt, and involved in just about any form of criminal proclivity.

Since swearing in 2017, I knew Trump would do unspeakable acts never seen before in the history of this nation. Trump made history by being impeached twice in within the four years term he served between 2016 -2020. He managed to quell the scandal marriage infidelity with porn star Stormy Daniel's partly by giving her a $135,000 as hush money in exchange to keep their affair anonymous. Would you believe, Michael Cohen, persoal attorney of Trump reaped the consequences of Trump's doing when he delivered the check to Ms Daniels.…

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