Mr. Watkins has been featured in the following documentaries:

a) Netflix May 11, 2020 documentary series titled "Trial by Media: Episode #4 - King Richard.


b) Excerpt from 2018 HistoryMakers documentary on Mr. Watkins' law school segregation experience at the University of Alabama from 1970 to 1973

c) Mr. Watkins' HistoryMakers documentary 2018 (4 hours long)

d) PBS's 1990 documentary "The Road to Brown", featuring Mr. Watkins as a pioneering civil rights attorney

e) Mr Watkin's bank, Alamerica, provided major funding for the Alpha Phi Alpha documentary, "A Century of Leadership" in which he also appears.


a)  The Watkins Family: We Know What Love Is                                                                                                                                               

b)  Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Dr. Levi Watkins Jr.

c)  Dr. Selwyn Vickers honors Dr. Levi Watkins