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Urgent Message For Kanye "Ye" West!

By: Donald V. Watkins Copyrighted and Published on December 1, 2022

Please stop praising Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime in Germany. Here is a relevant history lesson for you:

During the Nazis’ reign, black Germans were socially isolated and forbidden to have sexual relations and marriages with Aryans by the racial laws. In continued discrimination directed at the so-called “Rhineland bastards,” Nazi officials subjected some 500 black German children in the Rhineland to forced sterilization. Blacks were considered "enemies of the race-based state" along with Jews, Gypsies, and Gay people. The Nazis originally sought to rid the German state of Jews and Romani by means of deportation (and later extermination), while black Germans were to be segregated and eventually exterminated through compulsory sterilization.

Had you been a black German under Hitler and his Nazi regime, you would have suffered a similar fate.

The photo accompanying this article shows a black German (right) eating his bread in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II.


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