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Tucker Carlson Delivers Excellent Interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin

By: Donald V. Watkins

Copyrighted and Published on February 8, 2024

An Editorial Opinion


Tonight, I watched Tucker Carlson’s entire interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  It was educational, comprehensive, and brilliant.


I consider myself fairly educated on world affairs.  I have worked in the international business community since 2007.  For years, I have studied the history of countries and their development.

April 12, 2022, I wrote an article about the war between Ukraine and Russia. A lot has changed since this article was published.


Carlson's interview with Putin was the best interview on world affairs I have ever seen in the modern era.  I learned so much historical, geo-political, and financial information on Russia that I had never known before.


Vladimir Putin is an extremely smart and savvy world leader.  He has no competitor in Joe Biden, who is old, frail, and suffering from a constantly diminishing mental capacity. 


With respect to Putin's dealings with Donald Trump, it is clear that Trump does not have the attention span or intellectual acumen to outthink Putin.  The Russian president seduces Trump by merely stoking Trump's gigantic, narcissistic ego.


Whether Carlson is considered a "journalist" or "talk show host," he delivered a great interview with Vladimir Putin. This was NOT the soundbite journalism to which Americans have become so accustomed.

Carlson will be criticized by many for his interview with Vladimir Putin, but this criticism is all "Bullshit."

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