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There is No “Fix” for 737 MAX Airplanes

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

By Donald V. Watkins ©Copyrighted and Published on April 16, 2019

Despite the Boeing Company’s crisis management spin in the aftermath of a Lion Air 737 MAX airplane crash in Indonesia in October 2018 and an Ethiopian Air 737 MAX crash in March 2019 that killed a total of 346 passengers and crew members, it has become painfully obvious to the flying public that there is no “fix” for this $120 million airplane. An excellent six-minute educational video from explains why the 737 MAX has engineering flaws that are far beyond the software “fix” promised by Boeing.

No amount of PR spin, political lobbying, or endorsements from the "big dogs" in Washington can transform a flying death trap into an airworthy commercial jetliner. Boeing needs to abandon this dangerous airplane and properly redesign another model from scratch. During the aircraft redesign and manufacturing process, the Washington “Swamp” creatures need to stop "whoring" long enough for the Federal Aviation Administration do its job of properly assessing the flight safety of the new aircraft before it is put into commercial service (and not after one of them has crashed).

It would be nice if the members of Congress who led the push to deregulate the FAA’s flight safety protocols would participate as “dummy” passengers in the flight testing phase for the 737 MAX airplanes Boeing is trying to “fix” with a software update before they are returned to public service. Because they participated in creating this flying death trap, these politicians ought to become part of the solution in “fixing” the airplane (if this is even remotely possible).

If they truly believe in Boeing and the 737 MAX aircraft, these Washington politicians need to put their lives at risk before subjecting members of the flying public to the perils of the “fixed” 737 MAX. Of course, they will never do this because they have already traded the safety of the flying public for a slap on the back and hefty campaign contributions from PACs controlled by Boeing, its major vendors, and the airlines that by Boeing's products.

Meanwhile, the public should avoid flying on the 737 MAX death trap, including the so-called “fixed” ones. Unfortunately, deregulation of the airplane manufacturing industry compromised flight safety instead of strengthening it. Every time this occurs, unsuspecting and innocent passengers and crew members are at risk of dying on a massive scale.

To date, it appears that it is cheaper for Boeing to pay PR firms, industry lobbyists, Washington "Swamp" creatures, civil and criminal lawyers, and death-claims relating to crashed 737 MAX airplanes than it is to redesign and properly certify a new aircraft to replace the 737 MAX.

PHOTO: Boeing 737 MAX airplanes on the assembly line at the company's manufacturing factory in Renton, Washington.

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