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Russia and China Are Forging the New World Order

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

By: Donald Watkins

Copyrighted and Published on February 20, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin sized up President Joe Biden last summer during their meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. His assessment was the same as Republican Senator Mitch McConnell’s – Biden is a weak president whose time on the political scene has come and gone.

After the Taliban forced Biden to make a hasty and reckless exit of American troops from Afghanistan in August of 2021, world leaders, including China’s President Xi Jinping, realized that Biden did not have a backbone for defending any American ally if military action was required.

As a result, Russia and China are poised to lead the new world order for the rest of the 21st century. The presidents of Russia and China changed their national constitution and now enjoy a tenure in office for life. Due to his age and obvious lack of energy, Biden will be lucky to serve out the remainder of his three years in office.

America’s Allies Cannot Depend Upon Biden

America has developed strategic alliances around the world for many decades. The two that are most at risk today are Ukraine and Taiwan. Russia is threatening Ukraine, while China is ready to retake Taiwan. America has a duty to defend both countries.

Will Biden counter Russian and Chinese military aggression against these two nations with American armed forces? No. Biden is not a fighter. He does not fight for domestic or foreign allies.

In January 2022, Biden did not wage a war in the U.S. Senate to pass two voting rights bills that were designed to restore the vitality of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and standardize access to voting in federal elections. Even though Biden owes his presidency to black voters who saved his candidacy on Super-Tuesday on March 2020, Biden did not fight for them when they needed him to stop the electoral genocide of voters in Republican-controlled states after the November 2020 elections.

Biden’s “lip-service” defense of Ukraine and Taiwan is being carefully watched by America’s allies. Biden believes that he can counter Russian and Chinese military aggression against our allies with economic sanctions. He believes that the flow of dollars is stronger than the flow of bullets. Biden’s view explains why America has not won a war against a major foe since World War II ended in 1945.

Biden’s weakness has emboldened Russia and China. They are the new superpowers. They defend their allies with money and boots on the ground, without fear or hesitation. They are redefining the new geo-political paradigm around the globe.

Things Will Likely Get Worse for America

We have an international reputation as an undependable ally. We are retreating into isolationism, believing that we are safe at home. We erroneously believed that because the American dollar is the world’s currency reserve and because America operates the SWIFT system for electronically transferring money to accredited financial institutions around the globe, we are safe and powerful. Working together, Russia and China have the ability to undermine these two advantages without firing a shot.

Because America is $19 trillion dollars in debt, our creditor nations, led by China, have the power to reduce us to a second-class nation overnight. Think about it. America has $19 trillion of debt that is not backed by anything other than a pledge from the Federal Reserve Bank that future tax dollars will cover our debt repayment.

The world’s financial institutions gave America control of the SWIFT system when we were NOT a debtor nation. No one ever thought America would print and issue $19 trillion worth of currency that was not backed by hard assets (i.e., gold or silver). But, we did.

In Main Street language, America is living on credit card debt. We have a world-class military and economy but our president is old and weak. We cannot threaten Russia and China because their combined economies are as large as ours. Furthermore, in the next ten years, China will have the largest economy in the world.


While Americans are fighting each other in a Republican-Democrat political civil war, our real enemies – Russia and China – are taking over the world. There is no force in the world that is checkmating their moves.

American voters must find and support a presidential candidate in 2024 who understands the Russian and Chinese threat to our way of life and has the backbone to stop it.

We must be led by a much younger president who actually fought in our military, and who is not afraid to use America’s military might. We also have to get from under this $19 trillion in credit card debt. It’s killing our financial security as a nation.

In the future, corporate tax breaks must be earned. Corporations must repatriate overseas jobs to America before they can enjoy new tax breaks.

Federal government agencies must be made to buy American-made products for their operations. These products must be manufactured in U.S. factories owned by Americans.

Finally, we must end corporate welfare for U.S. companies that pay no taxes each year, despite the fact that they make tens of billions of dollars in annual revenues each year.

If America does not change to meet the new geo-political threat posed by Russia and China, we are doomed to a new world order that none of us will like.

IMAGE: Are Russia and China forging a New World Order?

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Apr 30, 2022

February 20 1968 ... my birthday!!!

You are so far off base it's unbelievable!!!

I could educate you but you will never listen to me!!!

I've dealt with many attorneys and represented myself many times!!! Big cases, where the blood suckers wanted $15,000 one douche in Waukegan Illinois and another douche from Chicago wanted $10,000 same case in Waukegan.

I took it to trial myself and all them bloodsucking losers could do is keep me from trial. They continue it and the dumb cunt prosecutor said to me: "Don't you have to work?"

I said nope!!!

Then they wouldn't let me leave the courts so they forced me to take a plea.

I wasn't prepared for that and didn't know…

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