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OxyNol Solutions Teams with New Delhi-Based Marquee Equity to Raise $300 Million for Waste-to-Fuel Plant in South Africa

By: Donald V. Watkins

Copyrighted and Published on June 16, 2024


On May 29, 2024, California-based OxyNol Solutions executed a Master Services Agreement with New Delhi, India-based Marquee Equity to raise $200 million USD in debt financing and an additional $100 million USD in eligible carbon credit monetization transactions (for 280,342 to 841,026 tons of carbon credits produced per year over a 20-year period) for OxyNol Solutions’ planned waste-to-fuel facility in the Durban/Mandeni Region of South Africa.


OxyNol Solutions (formerly known as Masada Resource Group, LLC) is a competitive and responsible provider of proven and environmentally friendly waste-to-fuel technology solutions.  Due to sustained geopolitical conflicts in the Middle East, Masada rebranded itself in May 2024 as OxyNol Solutions.


OxyNol Solutions has assembled a team of world-class professionals, risk mitigation experts, information technology firms, EPC management firms, and key external vendors for the construction, start-up, and operation of its CES OxyNol facility in South Africa. The company's innovative Green Energy Program is second to none.

OxyNol Solutions is also working with Dr. Amin Y. Ghanem, General Manager for North Africa and the Middle East, to develop, construct, commission, and operate CES OxyNol facilities in Tangier and Casablanca, Morocco.

IMAGE: Dr. Amin Y. Ghanem, OxyNol Solutions' General Manager for North Africa and the Middle East.

Finally, OxyNol Solutions offers the world smart, clean, environmentally friendly solutions for waste-to-fuel conversion. As a global industry leader in the green energy space, OxyNol Solutions knows that the surging demand for clean fuels conquers all adversity and presents exciting international business opportunities for those who are prepared for them.


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han gu
han gu
Jun 24

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Kamar Jones
Kamar Jones
Jun 17
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Looks like the new coalition government is showing immediate results to attract capital in the region. Congratulations!

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