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Israeli Genocide Against Innocent Palestinians Prompts Masada Resource Group to Rebrand Itself as "OxyNol Solutions"

By: Donald V. Watkins

Copyrighted and Published on April 22, 2024

IMAGE: Cover-page of 1990 Masada corporate brochure.


Beyond the United States, Israel is viewed as an aggressive perpetrator of genocide against innocent Palestinian babies, children, women, and men in the name of fighting Hamas soldiers.

Since October 7, 2023, Israeli's campaign of genocide has killed 34,000 Palestinians, 21,000 of whom were clearly non-combatants.  This genocide is inexcusable, inhumane, and shameful. 


Decades ago, the company I now head as Executive Chairman branded itself as Masada Resource Group, LLC.  The word “Masada” in our name stands for the mountaintop fortress in old Palestine (which is now called Israel).  The location of the Masada fortress is depicted on the map below.

Masada was the last Jewish stronghold during a revolt in Judaea (66–73 AD).  Besieged by the Romans for a year, almost all of the inhabitants of Masada killed themselves rather than surrender to Roman rule. 

Today, this mountaintop fortress is a revered Israeli national monument.


The second page of our 1990 corporate brochure explains why the founders, who were not Jewish, named our company “Masada."

Today, Israel’s campaign of genocide in Gaza has tarnished the Masada corporate name and brand around the world. What was once a proud corporate name is now associated with a modern-day Benjamin Netanyahu-led campaign of genocide.


Masada's new brand name -- OxyNol Solutions -- best reflects the company's innovative waste conversion process, as well as its corporate mission of promoting and producing clean fuels from ordinary household garbage. 

Masada has strategic business alliances with world-class partners and key external vendors around the world.  None of them supports Israel's campaign of genocide in Gaza.  We do not support this U.S. government-backed campaign of genocide, either.


Rebranding Masada Resource Group to OxyNol Solutions frees us from the global fallout of Israel’s campaign of genocide against innocent Palestinians in Gaza, which we condemn in the strongest possible terms. It also properly aligns Masada with the winds of geopolitical change in regions around the globe that were once colonized and/or occupied by extremely violent colonial powers.

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Donald V. Watkins
Donald V. Watkins
23 апр.

On December 29, 2023, the Republic of South Africa filed a complaint against Israel in the International Court of Justice alleging that Israel had committed and was committing genocide against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, contravening the Genocide Convention, including what South Africa described as Israel's 75-year apartheid, 56-year occupation, and 16-year blockade of the Strip. The case is pending in court. I agree with South Africa's legal position that Israel is waging a campaign of genocide in Gaza.


Dr Amin Ghanem
Dr Amin Ghanem
23 апр.
Оценка: 5 из 5 звезд.

I am Proud to be one of the Team of The OxyNol Solutions ,with the waste conversion Process

Promoting and producing Clean Fuels from an ordinary household garbage, for greater Environment and Greater Life for all People of the Planet. Dr. Amin Ghanem

Donald V. Watkins
Donald V. Watkins
23 апр.
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Thanks, Dr. Ghanem! You are a good friend and valued OxyNol Solutions executive team member.

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