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New Year's Blessings in 2023

By: Donald V. Watkins

December 31, 2022

The 2023 New Year promises to be an exciting one for me. These are the things I plan to accomplish in 2023:

1. I will continue to support the academic, cultural, spiritual, and professional growth of my children and grandchildren. All of them are smart, well-mannered, disciplined, strong, aspirational, and international in their view of the world. For six generations in America, Carmichael/Varnado/Watkins family members have been groomed for leadership roles in our multi-cultural society.

2. I will work with a world-class, Dubai-based, Forbes Business Council Member to deploy transformational commercial projects in the United States that: (a) redefine desert landscapes, (b) produce sustainable green deserts in parts of California and the Southwestern regions of the United States, (c) enhance food security at affordable prices, (d) promote greater carbon sequestration, and (e) favorably impact water conservation, via economically feasible rainwater harvesting (throughout America).

3. I will work on Masada Resource Group waste-to energy projects with my seasoned international business partners. Included within this scope of work is a new business collaboration with a Swiss-based company that creates and deploys technologies to: (a) purify gas and liquid streams, (b) produce hydrogen from industrial waste, (c) extract “dead” hydrogen from diluted streams of different origin, and (d) remove toxic pollutants from agricultural liquid waste, while co-producing hydrogen.

4. I will assist in the formation of a California-based Super-PAC to (a) register two million new Independent voters in six swing states and (b) educate these newly registered voters on “pocketbook” issues facing "Mainstream" Americans, immigration reform, and the importance of a strong national defense prior to the 2024 U.S. presidential election. The funding goals for the Super-PAC are $25 million in 2023 and $50 million in 2024.

5. I will work on the launch of a California-based, Spanish version of my free online news site at:

God has truly blessed the Carmichael/Varnado/Watkins family. We have overcome all of the odds stacked against us, including: (a) the enslavement of our African-American ancestors, (b) the gross abuse of our Native-American ancestors, (c) the legal and practical constraints imposed upon family members during the Civil War (1861-1865), (d) the oppression we endured during the long, ugly, and violent Jim Crow era, (e) the adverse impact that the FBI’s official COINTELPRO program (1956 to 1971) and ongoing "unofficial" COINTELPRO program in the American South has had on certain family members, and (f) the challenges resulting from modern-day racism that often masquerades as conservative political thought.

We are “Bridge Builders” in America and the international world. In 2023, I plan to continue our family’s legacy in bridge-building, domestically and abroad, with the wonderful, exciting, and paradigm-shifting business and political opportunities that God has been made available to me.

Happy New Year!

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Jan 05, 2023

Donald I am both impressed and proud of your survival from the oppression you endured during incarceration. I have no doubt that your return to freedom will yield liberation to those impacted by discriminatory practices targeting poor people, people of color, from access to wealth, attaining capital for business development, and the marginalized groups across America are forced to live in poor house no matter how hard they work because of wage disparity insufficient to keep pace with the steady rise in the cost of living.

While I thoroughly agree with the things you want to accomplish in 2023, one important part missing that guarantees freedom and equality for the poor and those of color is "reparations." I cannot thi…

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