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Judge Joe Brown Assesses Fani Willis’ Potential Legal Jeopardy

By: Donald V. Watkins

February 20, 2024

IMAGE: Judge Joe Brown, Memphis, Tennessee.

An Editorial Opinion


Judge Joe Brown is a seasoned trial lawyer. He is also a former Shelby County, Tennessee Criminal Court judge and a former star of the "Judge Joe Brown" TV show.  He has a brilliant legal mind.


I know Judge Brown as the state court judge in Memphis who broke the case involving the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., wide open.


Yesterday, Judge Brown posted a post-hearing assessment of Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis on his X page (formerly known as Twitter) yesterday.  It is important to note that prior to last Thursday, Fani Willis had NOT given a sworn affidavit or testimony under oath in Donald Trump's Georgia RICO case.

Here is Judge Brown's assessment of Willis' situation:


“As they say in the Caribbean:




Astonishingly we saw Ms. Fani Willis—the DA for Atlanta—put herself in a situation where she needed to exercise the 5th Amendment.


Apparently, she failed to recognize her peril.


Surely Ms. Willis should’ve recognized her testimonial hazard since the office she heads must regularly deal with this issue.


What she did to potentially implicate &/or incriminate herself included, but was not limited to the following categories:


$ Laundering


Tax Evasion/Failure to File Tax Returns/Tax Fraud


Possibly receiving (as a source of the cash):


Unreported taxable income




Unreported $ from DNC et al to take down Trump/misappropriation of campaign funds/failure to disclose use of campaign funds


Improper Use of GA funds/Failure to Report use of GA Funds/Fraud against GA/etc.



Gross Ethical Violations against the Bar Codes


All in all


Aside from the embarrassing lack of professionalism …


We saw the pathetic spectacle of someone who continually displayed the most untrustworthy body-language/attitude & deportment


Throughout the debacle she displayed the silly-girl arrogance that too many think is reflective of a strong Black Woman.


It isn’t.


Actually, it reflects a pathological dysfunction induced by neurotic feminism.


It’s one of the things that has encouraged the disruption of social order & the family.


‘What you saw was what the Demo Pty wants you to get’ when it comes to urban leadership.


That has led to the glorification of dysfunction & the breakdown of urban society.


Be aware of it & vote accordingly.”


I do not agree with Judge Brown's statements on Black woman and "neurotic feminism" at the end of his Twitter post. I find those comments to be sexist and inappropriate.

However, I agree with Judge Brown's legal assessment that Willis has placed herself at risk of a potential federal criminal investigation with the testimony she gave at last Thursday’s hearing.  History supports my assessment.

Is Fani Willis the New Marilyn Mosby?

For those who think this kind of legal jeopardy cannot attach to Fani Willis, I leave you with this chilling story about Marilyn Mosby:


Marilyn Mosby served as the State's Attorney for Baltimore, Maryland from 2015 to 2023. She had gained national attention following the killing of Freddie Gray in police custody in 2015.

IMAGE: Marilyn Mosby

Mosby led a very public investigation, followed by indictments for murder against the police officers who arrested Gray, and criminal trials (which did not produce "guilty" verdicts). 

Mosby became a hero in Baltimore's Black community for prosecuting the police officers who were responsible for Gray's death.

Top law enforcement officials in the Baltimore area were pissed-off at Mosby for her aggressive prosecution of the police officers involved in Freddie Gray's death.

In January 2022, Mosby was indicted by federal grand jury for perjury and making false mortgage claims.  In September 2023, she was convicted of perjury.  Earlier this month, Mosby was convicted of mortgage fraud in a separate trial.


Moseby denied any wrongdoing, but it did not matter because the Department of Justice, Criminal Division, is infested with political operatives who favor certain special interest groups and punish others. 

What is more, Black elected officials in Congress and Maryland state government were too weak to prevent the injustice that was inflicted upon Mosby in retaliation for her prosecution of the police officers who killed Freddie Gray.

FBI agents and Federal prosecutors in Baltimore manufactured a bogus criminal case against Mosby on "bullshit" perjury and "false claims" charges. Federal prosecutors in Maryland have a long, documented, and ugly history of politically-motivated prosecutions. It is one of the few jurisdictions where a U.S. Attorney (i.e., Thomas M. DiBiagio) was actually fired for such misconduct.

Nobody in Joe Biden's Department of Justice stopped the impermissible targeting and persecution of Marilyn Mosby. From Attorney General Merrick Garland on down, they all looked the other way.

Based upon my legal and political background, I believe Fani T. Willis could become the next Marilyn Moseby.



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