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The Ten Reasons Why I Will Not Support Joe Biden in 2024

Updated: Apr 30

By: Donald V. Watkins

Copyrighted and Published on April 21, 2023; Republished on April 30, 2024

A Political Editorial Opinion

I have been a political Independent since 2001. I am a registered Independent voter in California.

I first published this article on April 21, 2023. Since that time, I have learned that President Joe Biden has been a willing accomplice to Israel's war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide in Gaza. Once a political leader aids and abets a campaign of genocide against any group of people, I cannot support him/her under any set of circumstances.

In addition to Biden's support of Israel's war crimes and campaign of genocide in Gaza, I will NOT be supporting Joe Biden’s re-election bid for the ten reasons set forth below:

1. Joe Biden is too weak, inept, and senile to be president, again. He falls down all of the time, figuratively and literally. A senile person cannot adequately represent the political interests of my group of Independent voters.

2. As Chairman of the Senate Judicial Committee in 1991, Joe Biden had a chance to kill Clarence Thomas’ nomination to service as a justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, but he did not do it. This single political error in judgment has inflicted immeasurable suffering on tens of millions of women and Americans of color. Additionally, Clarence Thomas' lack of ethics as a Supreme Court justice has diminished the Court's stature and integrity, forever.

3. Women and Americans of color have lost more legally protected rights under Joe Biden than they have under any president since the "Redemption Era" commenced in 1870.

4. Joe Biden does not fight to win any political battle. He only fights to get his adversaries to the negotiating table, which is where he gives them everything they want. I would never have Biden negotiate a commercial transaction or deal for me in the private sector. Nobody respects him.

5. Joe Biden left Donald Trump’s appointed U.S. Attorneys in office in southern states like Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee for way too long. Some of them are still in office. As a result, the Department of Justice in these states is still carrying out Trump's old political agenda.

6. Joe Biden has perpetuated a warped “too big to prosecute” policy in the Department of Justice with respect to indicting and prosecuting New York Stock Exchange/Fortune 500 companies and their CEOs for criminal activities. This policy reinforces a two-tier system of federal criminal justice – a forgiveness program for privileged Wall Street crooks and a “throw the book at them” program for everybody else.

7. Joe Biden embarrassed himself and America with the way he hastily withdrew American troops from Afghanistan. Biden also left Americans behind in Taliban-controlled territory to fend for themselves. This failure of leadership is inexcusable.

8. Joe Biden picked the weakest Attorney General in U.S. history in Merrick Garland, who appears to be "lost in the job." Nobody pays attention to Garland because he is a toothless tiger. Biden’s selection of Garland as Attorney General has contributed to the vicious attack on existing legal rights for women and Americans of color. For the first time since 1964, our children and grandchildren will enjoy fewer legally protected rights than we did.

9. Joe Biden has not done nearly enough to protect school children and church-goers from gun violence. I am not interested in any president who offers “thoughts and prayers” but is too impotent to place a political chokehold on members of Congress who block gun reform legislation.

10. Beyond showering them with pleasant sounding “lip-service,” Joe Biden has done absolutely nothing for Mexican-Americans, other Americans of Hispanic descent, and Native-Americans. They were the original Americans. Furthermore, they were here in 1820 when the border between the U.S. and Mexico looked like this:

At this juncture, I do NOT have a preferred major party candidate in the 2024 presidential race. I just know my choice will not be Joe Biden or Donald Trump. I will likely vote for a write-in or Independent candidate.

After 40 months of watching Joe Biden’s pathetic performance in office, I know he is a “loser” on every performance level. In my organization, I fire “losers.” It’s not personal. It’s business!

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