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Joe Perkins Instigated Watkins’ Placement in the “Hole”

By Donald V. Watkins

Copyrighted and Published on February 11, 2022

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) confirmed to me what I suspected all along – Alabama Power Company’s acknowledged political “dirty tricks” operative, Joe Perkins, was responsible for getting FCI LaTuna prison officials to jail me in the prison’s maximum security Special Housing Unit (SHU). The SHU is a jail within the prison.

Having failed in his efforts to get me to remove two of his many vendor contracts with Alabama Power Company from this website, Joe Perkins had his lawyer contact the BOP about the published contacts. Perkins reported that the contracts were “stolen.” In fact, various federal statutes and Code of Federal Regulation provisions governing regulated public utilities make the contracts in question publicly available records.

Furthermore, Alabama Power has publicly acknowledged and affirmed its vendor relationship with Perkins, a confessed federal lawbreaker. Alabama Power, together with its parent company (the Southern Company) and its sister company (Georgia Power Company), have paid Perkins tens of millions of dollars, without invoicing.

Now, Perkins has dragged the BOP into the middle of a private party dispute between himself and, a free online news service for Independent voters. This action is an abuse of the legal process.

BOP Program Statement 5350.27 and various federal court cases authorize me to write and publish articles of my choosing without staff approval. I regularly exercise this right.

Alabama Power Has a History of Trying to Jail Its Opponents

It is unclear at this time whether Alabama Power Company authorized Perkins to manipulate BOP officials into detaining me within their SHU for activity that is authorized by Program Statement 5350.27.

What is clear is the fact that Alabama Power has lobbied in the past for jailing of consumer advocates who threaten their monopoly in Alabama. In 1972, Alabama Power lobbied President Richard Nixon to jail Gov. George Wallace on bogus corruption charges because Wallace was blocking the company’s rate increases. This effort was ultimately unsuccessful.

This latest move by Joe Perkins is designed to terrorize those of us who question his power and influence in Alabama. Perkins’ job is to capture and control all public officials, regulators, and social justice groups who might threaten Alabama Power’s chokehold on Alabama’s political scene. No one is allowed to scrutinize or question the Number One polluter in Alabama and Number One greenhouse gas emitter in America without paying a steep price.

“Follow the Money”

Despite my detention in the SHU, I am continuing my work on articles that track Alabama Power’s money into Joe Perkins, and from Perkins to the intended beneficiary. I am making great progress in this regard.

In Alabama, the emerging trend seems to be this: Those who benefit from Alabama Power Company’s money, resources and VIP perks are protected from law enforcement scrutiny, while those who seek to expose “dark money” transactions, “capture and control” political activity, and illegal campaign activities are threatened or jailed.

Only in Alabama can a confessed federal lawbreaker like Joe Perkins showcase his “hunting buddy” relationship with senior U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-Alabama) and Chief U.S. District Judge Scott Coogler (N.D. Alabama).

The truth is coming out about where Alabama Power’s money ended up. I have the information.

Politically speaking, I am now holding President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice responsible for getting to the bottom of Alabama Power’s relationship with Perkins. Either Biden controls the Department of Justice, or Perkins controls it. We shall see who has more power – Biden or Perkins.


Former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover (1924-1972) controlled politicians because he kept secret files on them that held their innermost “dirty” secrets.

For nearly two decades, Joe Perkins has accumulated “dirty” secrets on and/or done favors for Alabama politicians and government regulators (state and federal). Perkins is the keeper of the darkest secrets about today’s politicians in Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

Perkins knows who the alcoholics are; who the mistresses are; who has paid for medical procedures for their mistresses; who has enjoyed the private jet rides that were not reported; who busted columnist John Archibald on his personal bankruptcy several years ago; who the drug addicts are; whose mistresses and lovers have been placed on consulting contracts with Alabama Power’s networking partners; who provided private jet transportation for Gov. Robert Bentley’s secret love affair with Rebekah Mason; which state and federal prosecutors are compromised, and why; and many more “dirty secrets”.

All secrets have a shelf-life. The disinfectant of public scrutiny is coming soon. Transparency and accountability in government are my goals. Truth is the final destination.

IMAGE: Matrix's Joe Perkins (left) and Alabama Power's Mark Crosswhite

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Dec 27, 2022

Very interesting let's see who has the DOJ handled? Oh my!!!!


Feb 13, 2022


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