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Blacks are Shocked by MAGA World’s Rejection of the Guilty Verdicts in Trump’s Case

Updated: Jun 2

By: Donald V. Watkins

Copyrighted and Published on June 2, 2024

An Editorial Opinion


Black Americans across the nation are shocked by MAGA World’s rejection of the 34 guilty verdicts in Donald Trump’s New York “hush money” case.  I am not.


The guilty verdicts mean absolutely nothing inside of Trump’s MAGA World.  After all, he is their political "savior."  They are flooding social media with this meme.

While Trump did not benefit from "jury nullification" during his New York trial, he is profiting from a healthy dose of MAGA World voter nullification.  It has helped him with independent voters, as well.

MAGA World views all four of Trump's criminal cases as politically motivated persecutions by state and federal prosecutors who are closely tied to the Democratic Party and who want to tarnish Trump's name, reputation, and political brand.  Within 24 hours, MAGA World and thousands of independent voters rewarded Trump with a whopping $52 million in campaign contributions as a show of support.


For the first time, black Americans are realizing that the “law and order” mantra that suffocates them on a daily basis does not apply to criminal defendants who enjoy widespread political support in the white community.  In fact, blacks are in a state of shock over this revelation.


MAGA World does not care that Donald Trump is a convicted “felon” because he is their candidate of choice for the presidency.  Their devotion to Trump is profound and resolute. 

To MAGA World, “law and order” is an old Richard Nixon-era political sound-bite that references street criminals, most of whom come from marginalized segments of America's general population. It does not apply to Trump.

Understanding the Phenomenon of Voter Nullification


I fully understand this phenomenon of voter nullification and its growing role in politics and business.  I, too, am a so-called “convicted felon.”  I have benefited from a close cousin of voter nullification that is called "public nullification."

In 2018, racist forces in Birmingham, Alabama used a skinhead federal prosecutor named Lloyd Peeples to railroad me in a rigged criminal trial on bogus “investor fraud charges” that were investigated and rejected two years earlier by federal prosecutors in New Jersey. Peeples was a washed-up Birmingham pizza restaurant owner whose small business failed 11 months after he opened it.  Peeples was chosen for this prosecutorial assignment because he was a "loser" with a documented history of racism and sexism against successful blacks and women.

IMAGE: Failed pizza restaurant owner and skinhead federal prosecutor, Lloyd Peeples.

Lloyd Peeples was able to "home-cook" me in a rigged "trial" in Birmingham and jail me in a federal prison camp for nearly three years. Despite his best efforts, however, Peeples failed to destroy my international energy businesses. 


Because the international oil, gas, and clean fuels industry in which I work is virtually all-white, my status as a “convicted felon” meant nothing to my strategic business alliance partners and industry peers.  They only care about whether my companies can produce oil, gas, and clean fuels in commercial quantities, whether we will own clear title to the fuels and other commodities produced, and whether our market price per gallon/liter will be competitive. 

It is well-known within the international energy business that state and federal criminal justice systems in America are often used to target and neutralize Americans who are disfavored for political and/or racial reasons.  The high-profile Donald Trump and Marilyn Mosby "guilty" verdicts are viewed by many in the industry as cases on point.

Politically-Motivated Prosecutions Have Been Around for a Long Time


In 1976, Congressional hearings on the FBI’s COINTELPRO program (which operated on a formal basis from 1956 to 1971) exposed the government’s rampant use of state and federal criminal justice systems across the nation to discredit and undermine major political movements, destroy or cripple their leaders, and crush thousands of political and social justice activists who were disliked by the political party in power.  The informal, unofficial version of COINTELPRO has continued, unabated, to this day.  


MAGA World is aware of this documented history and firmly believes Donald Trump is the victim of a modern-day COINTELPRO operation. They are not tolerating it.  As such, Trump's supporters have used the awesome power of their money, political infrastructure, and 74 million MAGA block of votes to immediately nullify and neutralize the adverse impact of Trump’s criminal convictions. 

In an impressive display of raw political power, MAGA World has also banded together to derail or kill Trump’s criminal cases in Washington, Miami, and Atlanta. Those cases will never see the light of day.


I predict that Donald Trump will never spend a day in jail.  The MAGA-dominated U.S. Supreme Court will prevent this unprecedented event from occuring.  The Court will also provide Trump with the presidential immunity he needs to kill all four of his criminal cases.

Sobering Reality


For blacks who are coming to grips with the new paradigm of voter nullification of criminal convictions, I leave you with a disturbing comment that somebody posted on my website two days ago under an April 3, 2024, article titled: “Doomed: ‘White Flight’ Killed Birmingham-Southern College.”  This comment sheds light on how tens of millions of whites feel about America and the deteriorating state of many Democrat-controlled cities and urban commmunities:


Whites are not stupid -- they know once a neighborhood goes black, it never comes back to being the quiet, clean, safe place it was when it was White. In 1976 a White student, Quenette Shehane, was abducted, raped, tortured and killed by three black savage animals for no other reason than she was a White woman getting groceries at a local store. I am amazed Whites put up with this black violence for this long. Robert E. Lee, the man himself, was quoted as saying that wherever there are blacks, things are going down around them. They are far better off in Africa than here. Free to rape their own kind. Send them back.”


Like it or not, Donald Trump has tapped into a growing angst in white America.  As Americans of interracial goodwill, we cannot stop the spread of this angst if we do not understand the societal and political forces that create, nurture, inspire, and foster it.

As a people, we were enslaved, lynched, murdered, raped, brutalized, dehumanized, segregated, profiled, ostracized, mass incarcerated, and oppressed from the "cradle to the grave" in America for over 400 years. "Whites only" neighborhoods, schools, jobs, hotels, hospitals, professional associations, licensing agencies, insurance companies, cemetaries, public transportation, restaurants, entertainment venues, zoos, parks, etc., were codified into law and practiced religiously for 350 years. Yet, a growing number of influencers like Elon Musk, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Steve Bannon, Bill Maher, Lloyd Peeples, and Clarence Thomas think the meager Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies that were put into place over the past 30 years to remedy this centuries-old legally enforced white supremacy are somehow "racist" in nature and discriminatory against whites. Obviously, I strongly disagree with this belief.

This is the new paradigm for blacks in America. We can succumb to this terrifying state of being or fight for our rightful place in American society. There is no "in between."

This is the cold, hard, truth. We must deal with it.


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Bart Miller
Bart Miller
Jun 03

What is the source for this claim that "Blacks are shocked"? There's nothing in the article citing anything showing this shock. Based on recent polling it's more likely they are shocked at the injustice of the guilty verdict.

Donald V. Watkins
Donald V. Watkins
Jun 03
Replying to

Over a three-day period following the 34 "guilty" verdicts, our news team canvassed scores of black political leaders/activists in Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Boise (Idaho), Denver, Columbus (Ohio), Detroit, St. Louis, New Orleans, Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Louisville, Miami, Tallahassee, Charlotte, Newark, Philadelphia, New York, and other cities to gauge the black view on MAGA World's rejection of the verdict. The statement "Blacks are shocked" accurately reflects the view captured in our canvasing.


Donald V. Watkins
Donald V. Watkins
Jun 03

Every state and federal law enforcement technique used against Donald Trump was conceived and first used against social justice organizations and their leaders during the formal COINTELPRO era. MAGA World is angry about it now because they never thought these unsavory techniques would be used against Donald Trump and them. Read the COINTELPRO Congressional Report on domestic law enforcement abuse for yourself.


Jun 02

I may never understand why American Africans feel a sense of inclusion in Donald Trump orbits. They overlooked the fact it was Trump publicly advocating for capital punishment of five innocent young black and brown men for the rape of a white woman in the Bronx.

Each of these young men in later years were found innocent after spending years in prison most of their prodective lives. Unfortunately, I've reached the regrettable conclusion to the extent frustration that there are certain American Africans willing to support Donald Trump who was successfully sued by HUD several years ago for refusing to rent any of his properties to blacks based on race. Why wasting valuable and productive time trying to return Trump…

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