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Women: Welcome To Dred Scott Land

By Donald V. Watkins

©Copyrighted and Published on October 6, 2018

To the Women of America:

Welcome to Dred Scott Land -- a special place where you have no rights that men are bound to respect. It took you nearly a hundred years to arrive back at this awful destination in America history, but you made it.

You can thank U.S. Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) for delivering you to this dreadful place and sad moment in time. She made sure you arrived at President Donald J. Trump’s political plantation with all the “pomp and circumstance” befitting of a politician who proudly sold you out to an unabashed sexist and chauvinistic plantation master. Senators Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) and Joe Manchin III (D-West Virginia) joined Sen. Collins in delivering you to Dred Scott Land, but she was clearly the political ringleader of this group.

Sen. Collins represents to you what Clarence Thomas represents to African-Americans -- a subservient being whose sole reason for living is to please and faithfully serve her plantation master.

For women who do not pay attention to American history, Dred Scott is an 1857 U.S. Supreme Court decision that declared that black Africans imported as slaves “had no rights that the white man was bound to respect.”

Like slaves, women in America had no rights that men were bound to respect from the time the first colony was founded in Jamestown, Virginia in 1607 until the 1870s, when a husband’s legal right to (a) beat his wife with a stick no thicker than his thumb, (b) pull her hair, (c) choke her, (d) spit in her face, (d) kick her about the floor, and (e) inflict upon her like indignities came to a fitting end through a series of landmark court cases around the nation. Women did not get the right to vote until 1920. Furthermore, a husband’s legal right to rape his wife did not end until 1979.

Like African-Americans, women in America today have legal rights on paper that are rarely enforced in reality. Empty political rhetoric about these rights has replaced genuine enforcement actions.

You should know that President Donald Trump is a cold and cruel plantation master. He has an obvious disdain for all women. In his eyes, women have no rights that men are bound to respect. Trump’s view in this regard also applies to his sister, daughters, successive wives, and mistresses.

Trump enjoys calling women “dogs” and “pigs.” He brags about grabbing women by the “pussy” and kissing them without their permission. He cheated on third wife Melania with porn star Stormy Daniels and Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal. He even allowed radio shock jock Howard Stern to call his daughter Ivanka a “voluptuous”, “piece of ass”.

Nineteen different women have accused Trump of various incidents of sexual misconduct. Of course, Trump says all of them are lying.

Last week, Trump openly mocked Dr. Christine Ford, who took and passed a lie-detector test on her sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. As expected, Trump did not ask Kavanaugh to take a lie-detector test on this subject.

Trump also claimed last week that “this is a very scary time for young men in America” because they may have to answer to credible allegations of sexual assault lodged against them by the victims of these assaults.

President Trump and his overseers/cult followers (both male and female) will see to it that you are put in your proper place in Dred Scott Land -- vigorously enforced subjugation in American society. Regardless of your political affiliation and/or socio-economic status in life, you will now join First Lady Melania Trump in her miserable life on President Trump’s plantation.

If you become a sexual assault victim in Trump’s America, may God help you because Donald Trump and his cult followers will not.

As for Sen. Susan Collins, her performance during Friday’s speech in support of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation as the next Supreme Court Justice reminded me of Samuel L. Jackson’s portrayal of the fictional character “Stephen” in “Django”, a 2012 movie about slave life on a brutal Mississippi plantation in the early 1800s. She is as cold and cruel towards you as "Master" Trump.

I am praying that God will send a modern-day “Moses” to lead you out of Dred Scott Land very soon. Meanwhile, do what you can to survive in this place with dignity.

PHOTO: Caricature of an overseer in Donald Trump's version of Dred Scott Land.

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