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Where Do We Go From Here?

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

By: Donald V. Watkins

Copyrighted and Published on August 12, 2021

We have entered a world where everything has been politicized. Common sense healthcare measures that are designed to fight and defeat a global pandemic are tearing America apart. Public school teachers can become criminals in many states by simply teaching the truth about white America's centuries of violence against African slaves, Native Americans, and Asian Americans.

This violence has now been repackaged by today's Republicans as a "theory" that is designed to make white students feel guilty about the past conduct of their parents, grand-parents, and great-grandparents. Those who seek to protect the voting rights of ethnic minorities are under threat of arrest in Texas and elsewhere. The National Capitol in Washington is no longer the hallmark for democracy around the world. It can be trashed with impunity by those who serve one flawed, self-centered, narcissistic man as their political "god."

In the midst of this politically inspired chaos, it is reasonable to ask: Where do we go from here?

I am a man who has studied global and American history all of my life. I have followed the changes in human behavior, both bad and good, during my nearly 73 years on earth. As an African-American who was raised in the Deep South in the 1950 and 60s, I have seen a litany of populist politicians asserting the virtues of "states rights," "conservatism," and "benign neglect," together with the doctrine of "interposition and nullification," to systematically rob blacks, women, and other minorities of their right to equal opportunity, equal protection under the law, and the fair administration of criminal laws.

"Massive resistance" to progressive thought and actions is nothing new to me. I have lived through wave-after-wave of this resistance from intellectually-challenged southern politicians and their butt-kissing minions in the news media, law enforcement, and the judiciary. The names of these politicians and their political messaging has changed over time, but the underlying racist and sexist agenda remains the same.

Planning a Pathway Forward

Fortunately, for all of my life, God has given me the courage and ability to stand up for those who have never had a fair chance to rise in life. They are the dispossessed and disinherited members of American society. To many, they are invisible members of our society -- the ones who clean your houses or office buildings at night, or who wash dishes and clean tables in our local restaurants, or who clean our streets, gutters and sewers, or who empty the garbage at our local hospitals, etc. They are the ones who conservative politicians target for easy cheap-shots and those who our society considers to be "nobodies."

Well. they are "Mr. and Ms. Somebody" to me. They are as important to me as the super-wealthy "One Percenters" are to the Republican leadership in Washington.

When my political enemies colluded to imprison me, they thought they had broken my spirit and destroyed my credibility as an influencer of public opinion. This naive attitude reflects their profound ignorance of history and human nature.

Every notable political prisoner and "freedom fighter" in the history of mankind was imprisoned at some point in his/her life by those who sought to perpetuate a state of repression against a group of human beings they viewed as "inferior." Imprisonment is the price some of us must pay to liberate the minds and spirits of the dispossessed and disinherited members of society, as well as their oppressors. I am no different.

Since August 28, 2019, I have had the privilege of serving as a "freedom fighter" inside of America's only legalized institution of slavery -- the federal (and state) prison system. It is the only constitutionally-sanctioned institution of slavery in the Western Hemisphere. What is more, this institution of slavery is filled to the brim with dispossessed and disinherited Americans of color. They are black, brown, yellow, and red skinned Americans. The disproportionately few whites in the prison system are truly at the bottom of American society's barrel. Yet, as "slaves," they need a humanitarian voice, too.

My experience as a political prisoner has energized me. My friendship circle mirrors a broad cross-section of America. I have learned so much about my Native-American ancestors, how and why Native-Americans were massacred on a scale that constitutes genocide, and why the U.S. government took 1.5 billion acres of Native-American land by deadly force for several hundreds of years to benefit the land holding aspirations of white European settlers. I also learned how 270 million acres of this stolen land was given -- for free -- to nearly three million white European peasants who were openly recruited to America from Europe from 1862 to 1986. This 124-year gift of stolen Native American land to white settlers was the largest and most violent wealth transfer program in the history of the world. Nazi Führer Adolf Hitler marveled at the nature, scale, and scope of America's genocide against Native Americans and used it as a model for subjecting German Jews, Gypsies, Black Germans, and Gay Germans to genocide and the theft of their land and personal property during the rise of the Third Reich and World War II.

I have also learned more about Hispanic-Americans than I ever knew before. In less than two decades, they will become the largest ethnic minority group in America. To my surprise, African-Americans have far more in common with their Hispanic brothers and sisters than with white Americans. Culturally, Hispanics are united by language, customs, and traditions in a way African-Americans were once united. Fortunately, Hispanics are open to a meaningful political alliance with African Americans, Asians, and Native-Americans in a way that can change the face of our national politics.

The wholesale violence and brutality to which whites subjected African-Americans, Native-Americans, and Asians looms on the horizon for Hispanic-Americans and undocumented Spanish-speaking migrants at America's southern border, particularly if Republicans regain the White House. Many whites do not like Spanish-speaking migrants solely because many of them cannot speak English. As a result, whites do not trust them. Additionally, former president Donald J. Trump successfully demonized Hispanics in the way Hitler demonized Jews, Gypsies, Gays, and Black Germans.

A Political Sea of Change is Coming

In two years, I have been able to accomplish more political unification of diverse ethnic groups from prison than I could ever have achieved in the free world. I have learned Spanish. I read Spanish newspapers and watch news on Spanish TV channels.

While federal (and state) laws make it hard for inmates to vote after they are released from prison, nothing stops me from mobilizing their relatives in the outside world into a nationwide political alliance of unified minority groups. My efforts to organize political mobility within the Hispanic community from prison has been extremely effective. This is where my focus has been since March of 2021.

My goal is to target and influence two to three million forward-thinking registered Independent voters in six "swing states" in the 2024 presidential election through the formation and implementation of a nationwide alliance between black, white, Hispanic, Native, and Asian-American voters. I already own well-established social media platforms and a massive databank of statistical information that has been derived from the publication of over 600 articles on a wide range of political topics. I have an extensive political science background, first-class multimedia support resources, and sophisticated messaging experience that can be readily deployed to: (a) isolate key precincts within these swing states, (b) target my base of independent voters in these states, and (c) deliver credible and effective messaging for my multicultural political base.

I have never taken campaign money from any political action committee or political candidate. I am "unbossed" and "unbought" in the political arena.

This bold new political alliance is very doable, especially in my unique capacity as a political prisoner with an extensive civil and voting rights background. Given how politically divided America is today, my ability to influence two to three million independent voters in key swing states in 2024 (and beyond) will be an enjoyable and meaningful exercise in First Amendment activity between now and next presidential election. Over time, this activity is expected to produce a political sea of change in the outcome of our national elections.

IMAGE: Citizens of many races waiting to vote in Georgia

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Between The Lines
Between The Lines
Aug 12, 2021

People still talk about the evils of Nazi Germany, while the New World Order Bolshevik communist disguise their experiments as healthcare. America was going to do much better than Europe, with its history of colonialism, nationalism and fascism and in more ways than one the mission is accomplished. International fascists are running amok and nobody dares to touch them because they control the printing presses.

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