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The Coronavirus: Why is this Happening to Us?

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

By: Donald V. Watkins

© Copyrighted and Published on March 20, 2020

I believe in God. I also believe that God created the universe and populated earth with human beings. I believe that God gave us a perfect environment that could produce everything we needed to create life and sustain it in perpetuity. We are God's creation.

Over the course of hundreds of millennia, mankind has taken an earth that was pristine for human life and has fouled it with ethnic and tribal-based hatred, senseless wars, endless massacres of human and animal life, unabated industrial pollution, widespread toxic poisoning of the earth's land, water supply, and air, famine and droughts, and narcissistic lifestyles of all sorts. Throughout history, there have been many among us who have taken the earth's natural resources by force and have hoarded them for personal enrichment.

Eventually, our worship of the wealthy and mighty replaced our worship of God. Mankind developed the scientific ability to destroy God's earth with the atomic bomb. Only one nation -- the United States -- used the atomic bomb on a civilian population. America nuked two Japanese cities -- Hiroshima and Nagasaki -- near the end of World War II that killed and injured 226,000 people.

Human beings developed religions within the cultures inhabiting the earth. These religions eventually birthed "prosperity-based ministries" that glorified popes, preachers, rabbis, supreme leaders, prophets, and other church heads. Religious houses became grandiose tabernacles, temples, mosques, cathedrals, and other houses of God. Along the way, various religions raped and pillaged the lands in order to satisfy and quench the church's thirst for world domination.

When God sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to save mankind from its collective sins, he was admired by the masses but despised by the religious hierarchy of his day. Jesus was an earthly king whose kingdom was in Heaven. Unlike today’s religious leaders, Jesus had no earthly possessions. He traveled the lands by foot or by donkey. He did not own a home or have fine clothes and jewelry. Jesus never hated any human being for any reason, not even those who betrayed him and those who crucified him. He never sexually abused children or women. Jesus never looked the other way when he encountered the suffering or persecution of another human being. Instead, he stopped it.

After Jesus' death, mankind transmogrified from the teachings of Christ and the ways of Mother Teresa to the glorification of modern-day religious leaders. With the passage of time, we began to confer God-like status upon ordinary human beings -- popes, monarchs, conquerors, presidents of nations, celebrities, athletes, millionaires, billionaires, and conquerors, in contravention of God's word in Isaiah 25:1.

Eventually, modern man's casuistry elevated mankind's concern for stock markets and personal wealth above God's Biblical teachings. Because mankind developed incredible military might, the ability to send a small number of men to another celestial body, the ability to clone some forms of life, and the ability to automate routine functions in life, our belief in God became somewhat of an afterthought for many human beings.

Just when mankind believed that money and military might make a nation invincible, God unleashed a novel corona virus (known as COVID 19) upon the earth. This divine act changed everything.

Man's Response to God's Wrath

America's first reaction to the coronavirus was to treat the disease like the flu. It quickly became clear from medical data gathered around the world that a "do nothing" and "ride it out" approach would produce about 4 million deaths in the United States and 90 million worldwide.

America then developed a "mitigation" strategy in which patients with symptomatic cases of the coronavirus were placed in isolation and their families were quarantined for 14 days. "Social distancing" was also suggested (but not required) in an effort to "flatten the curve" from the virus. This approach would reduce the death rate to 2 million in the United States and 45 million worldwide.

Based upon the COVID 19 report from the Imperial College in London for the World Health Organization dated March 16, 2020, America and the rest of the world then moved to an aggressive "suppression" strategy that includes all of the proactive steps in the "mitigation" strategy, plus the shutting down of public gatherings, most workplaces, bars, restaurants, schools, and universities. America hopes this strategy will reduce its death rate to several thousand before the virus potentially goes down. The "suppression" strategy must be practiced for 18 months, which is the time it takes to develop, field test, and deploy a new vaccine. The first "suppression" period would last until July, then these risk mitigation measures will be lifted for a month, followed by another "suppression" period of 2 months, in a repeating pattern without triggering a new outbreak or overwhelming the ventilator supply.

God's Hand is Always Greater Than Man's

Despite the world's collective scientific and medical genius, no man/woman or nation has been able to stop the coronavirus. Its deadly impact has spread around the world in record time. The virus respects no nation's borders and it is wrecking the global economy. It has killed citizens of nearly every country. No national leader or mighty army has stopped it. The coronavirus has shown us that the wrath of God is stronger than the hand of any nation's president, prime minister, Ayatollah, supreme leader, dictator, or monarch. Mankind has never been a match for God.

Based upon the TV video and social media images of Spring Break partiers coming out of Florida this week, college-age Americans are engaged in close-contact, lascivious conduct. These partiers are obviously NOT taking the corona virus seriously. They are willfully NOT engaged in any COVID 19 "suppression" strategy.

Unlike Italians, Americans, for the most part, are NOT honoring state and local "shelter-in-place" directives or voluntary curfews. These measures inconvenience our freewheeling lifestyles.

Regardless, we are in the midst of a divine cleansing around the globe. If man's efforts to slow down the coronavirus are unsuccessful, mankind will experience the worst death toll from a single cause since the Middle Ages.

God's Cleansing

I believe we are witnessing God's hand as he shows the world he is in charge of everything. God is humbling every "Pharaoh" on the globe in plain view of the world. "All nations before him are as nothing; and they counted to him less than nothing, and vanity." Isaiah 40:17.

Only God will determine how many human beings will die from his coronavirus cleansing and who they will be. Among the millions who will die from the coronavirus will be many of those who neglected, scorned, and inflicted pain, suffering, and cruelty upon the "least of these my brethren" in the name of imperial campaigns of "greatness" and national dominance. Matthew 25:35-46. The children of "Pharaohs" will also be touched by the virus. Exodus 12:29.

God will make us replace the worship of money, people and politics with the worship of him. He is making us realize that we are our "brother's keeper," as commanded in Genesis 4:8-15. God is also making us reject false prophets and idolatry. God will make sure those among us who have never prayed a prayer of "thanks" will pray one for the first time.

During this cleansing, God will give all of us enough time to get our personal lives right with him, whether we are selected for life or death. Most people will accept God's offer of salvation and the forgiveness of our sins, but many will not.

Despite our best efforts as human beings, the coronavirus will end only when God is ready for it to end, and not a day earlier. Whenever the virus ends, life as we know it will never be the same.

We, as human beings, brought God's wrath upon mankind. This plague will be with us until we all acknowledge God's greatness and cease worshiping men, women, money, and power.

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