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Southern Company Execs Used Millions of Dollars of Customer Money to Pay Their Mistresses and Lovers

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

By: Donald V. Watkins

Copyrighted and Published on May 9, 2023


Since 2017, customers of Mississippi Power Company, Alabama Power Company, Georgia Power Company, and other Southern Company affiliates have endured dozens of painful rate increases totaling billions of dollars. One important fact was never disclosed to the 9 million Southern Company customers who were forced to pay these rate increases: These utility companies used millions of dollars of customer money each year to pay the mistresses and lovers of Southern Company executives and other corporate officers.

Essentially, the customers of Mississippi Power, Alabama Power, Georgia Power, and other Southern Company affiliates have been duped into financially underwriting illicit romances, love, and sex for Southern Company executives and officers -- for years. As a result, the mistresses and lovers who benefited from these secret personal relationships lived large and they pampered their men, all with Southern Company money.

What is more, these secret romances, as well as the inherent conflicts of interest related to them, were never disclosed to the Southern Company's board of directors or to the company's state and federal regulators, as required by law.

We have all of the fascinating details related to this sex and romance scandal. We will break down this misuse of corporate funds for you.

Stay tuned for an explosive investigative report that will leave you speechless! It's coming soon.

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