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Rahm Emanuel Joins Wall Street Bank

By Donald V. Watkins

©Copyrighted and Published on June 5, 2019

Former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who once called for “American Elites” to be held accountable, has joined Centerville Partners, LLC, an elite Wall Street investment bank. Emanuel will be advising Centerville clients on mergers and acquisitions, co-founders of the firm told the Wall Street Journal, which first reported the news today.

Centerview has offices in New York, London, San Francisco, Palo Alto and Los Angeles will be opening an office in Chicago.

Emanuel left office in May after two disastrous terms in office that saw the largest round of school closings in the city’s history, a teachers strike, the corruption conviction of his onetime schools chief, an explosion of gun violence that surged under his watch, a sex abuse scandal at Chicago Public Schools, record tax increases to shore up the city’s pensions and the Laquan McDonald police shooting that led to a federal investigation of the Police Department, and a decline in his support among the city’s African-American voters.

Rahm Emanuel was one of the least effective mayors in America. He is short in physical size and leadership stature. Emanuel’s only claim to fame is that he once served as President Barack Obama’s first chief of staff. Even there, he was a dismal failure.

Twice during Rahm Emanuel’s two terms as mayor, Chicago was named the “Murder Capital of the World” because of its violent crime and homicide rates. In 2018, the number of murders in Chicago, the third largest city in America, was higher than the number of homicides in Los Angeles and New York combined.

After 30 years as a highly-placed political operative in the Democratic Party, Emanuel turned out to be another political hustler whose actions did not match his phony political rhetoric.

PHOTO: Former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a portrait of failed leadership. He is now advising clients of Centerville Partners, LLC, a Wall Street investment banking, on mergers and acquisitions.

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