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Jim Jordan is No Match for Fani T. Willis

By: Donald V. Watkins

Copyrighted and Published on September 7, 2023

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is battling Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani T. Willis (right) for access to the prosecution team's documents in Donald Trump's Georgia RICO case.

An Editorial Opinion

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee in Washington, D.C., is no match for Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani T. Willis. In one well-written and brilliantly researched letter, Willis body-slammed Jordan, a former Ohio State University wrestling coach, and pinned him to the judicial mat.

Fani Willis' letter showcases her superior legal acumen over Jim Jordan's unlicensed political posturing. Willis is the real deal. Click here to read the letter for yourself.

While Jim Jordan is a law school graduate, he never took any state's bar exam. On Fox News and inside the halls of Congress, Jordan sounds tough. He often pontificates about principles of law, as if he is an attorney (which he is not).

In the legal arena, Jordan is viewed by many professionals (Democrats and Republicans alike) as a loud-mouth lightweight and a weak-kneed pushover.

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