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Jenna Ellis Confirms Our Sept. 2020 Report: Trump Planned to Stay in White House if He Lost Election

By: Donald V. Watkins

Copyrighted and Published on November 15, 2023

IMAGE: Jenna Ellis, former lawyer for the Donald Trump presidential campaign organization.

An Editorial Opinion


On September 27, 2020, we were the only news organization to report that Donald Trump did not plan to leave office if he lost the November 3, 2020, presidential election. In my article, “The Plan is Set: Trump’s Not Leaving Office,” we explained why.


This week, it was revealed that Jenna Ellis, a former Trump lawyer and co-defendant in the Georgia election RICO case, told state prosecutors that Trump was not going to leave the White House, despite the fact that he had lost the election and nearly all of his subsequent election challenges had failed. Trump had decided to stay in power by any and all means necessary.


On November 17, 2020, I published, “Trump’s Coup D’état Against Biden/Harris Government,” which detailed Trump’s plan to use the military to stay in office. In August 2023, legacy media groups finally reported on Trump’s plan to use the military to stay in power after his 2020 election defeat.


My Prior Predictions About Trump’s Presidential Aspirations All Came True


On August 2, 2015, I became the first American journalist to publicly predict Trump's 2016 election victory.  My prediction was made a mere three weeks after Trump announced his candidacy. This prediction became true in November 2016.


On March 20, 2020, I predicted Trump's defeat in 2020, which was caused by Trump's mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This prediction became true in November 2020. There was never any "outcome determinative" election fraud, as claimed by Trump.


On July 11, 2023, I predicted that Donald Trump would become the GOP presidential nominee in 2024, and that he will win the presidency.  This prediction is on track to becoming true, despite Trump’s four indictments and 91 criminal charges.

Trump's election victory in 2024, coupled with the power of the U.S. presidency, will keep him from going to prison.


What Does the Future Holds for Donald Trump?


So that we are clear, I do not support Donald Trump or Joe Biden for president in 2024.  Both men are deeply flawed. 


Trump’s flaws are described for 73 pages (59 to 132) in a Form S-4 that was filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on November 13, 2023, by a publicly traded company that seeks to acquire Trump’s financially distressed Truth Social digital media company. The flaws documented on Donald Trump in the Form S-4 are precisely defined, factual in nature, and plain awful.


National polls by credible media organizations confirm that the American public has lost confidence in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  I have, too. In my view, Joe Biden is the weakest American president since Herbert Hoover.  Plus, Biden is old, feeble, and senile. That's the cold, hard, truth.


Barring divine intervention from God, Donald Trump will become the next president of the United States. Trump will go down in history as the 45th and 47th President of the United States.


After he assumes office in January of 2025, Trump is will likely mete out severe political punishment to: (a) participants in the January 6th Congressional Committee hearings, (b) DOJ criminal prosecution team members, (c) New York state criminal prosecution team members, and (d) Georgia criminal prosecution team members. Trump's ruthlessness in this regard will match that of his presidential role models -- Russian President Vladimir Putin, China President Xi Pinping, and North Korea's Kim Jong Un.


Trump will likely pardon all of the defendants who were convicted of crimes arising from their organization of and participation in the January 6th insurrection.


Finally, Donald Trump’s margin of victory over Biden will be the greatest landslide since Ronald Reagan defeated Walter Mondale in 1984.

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