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God Will Stop This Madness

By Donald V. Watkins

©Copyrighted and Published on August 9, 2019

This photo breaks my heart. The little girl in the photo broke down crying at school after her parents were arrested Wednesday by ICE officials while working at a chicken processing plant in Mississippi.

No government or national leader should ever inflict this kind of emotional pain and suffering upon an innocent child.

I know one thing from the history of "evil" in the world -- God has a way of dealing with powerful despots who trample humanity in the name of building a "great" empire.

I wrote about this subject on October 14, 2018 in an article titled, “Despots Don’t Last Long.” I highlighted the end of three of history’s most famous despots.

On April 30, 1945, German Führer Adolf Hitler died after taking cyanide pills and shooting himself in the head.

On April 28, 1945, Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini was shot by a firing squad and then publicly hung by his feet in a suburban square in Milan, Italy.

On December 30, 2006, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging.

All three men were despots who rose to power by standing on the necks of people they demonized and persecuted. All three men maintained their grip on power through a non-stop campaign of fear, hatred, and terror.

To many of their countrymen/women, these three despots seemed invincible during their reign of power. Most of their citizens turned a blind eye to the brutality and mayhem these men inflicted upon the innocent men, women, and children who were targeted for persecution and death.

A cult of diehard followers actively supported their narrow-minded agendas of fascism, white supremacy, sexism, homophobic behavior, and/or religious intolerance. Nobody working on the inside of their administrations dared to criticize these despots for fear of reprisals, or worse. In public, everybody bowed down to these men. In cabinet meetings, government ministers regularly and lavishly praised them.

As is always the case with despots, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and Saddam Hussein overreached in their quest to cement their stranglehold on power. They made enemies out of people and countries that had been allies. They lied to their countrymen/women with impunity. They undermined institutions of government that once enjoyed popular support. Their inhumanity to perceived “enemies of the state” knew no bounds.

Finally, their arrogance, narcissism, and ruthlessness became unbearable to friends and foes alike. Soon, these despots could trust no one. When they reached this tipping point, it was the beginning of the end for each man.

I Predict Divine Intervention Will Stop Donald Trump's Madness

In 2015, I predicted Donald Trump’s election as the 45th President of the United States two weeks after he announced his candidacy for the job. I was right.

After Trump became President, a majority of Americans began to see him for who and what he is -- a self-centered, narcissistic, chauvinistic, xenophobic, homophobic, TV hungry, love-starved, paranoid bully and despot who spews hatred toward women, Muslims, gays, undocumented immigrants and their children, physically-challenged Americans, Gold Star military families, Vietnam war heroes, former cabinet members and White House staffers, media organizations, and people of color with a vengeance unbefitting of an American president.

After last Sunday's racially motivated massacre of 22 Mexicans and Hispanic Americans in El Paso, Texas, Nebraska State Senator John S. McCollister, a lifelong Republican, posted this statement about President Trump on his Facebook page, "We have a Republican president who continually stokes racist fears in his base. He calls certain countries 'sh*tholes,' tells women of color to 'go back' to where they came from and lies more than he tells the truth."

When it comes to spewing racial hatred, Donald Trump is today’s version of former Alabama Governor George Wallace. Yes, the 1963 version of Wallace has finally made it to the White House with his much touted white supremacy agenda intact.

In 1963, I watched George Wallace stand in the door to Foster Auditorium on the campus of The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa to block the admission of two African-American students. I also watched the aftermath of the 1963 church bombing in Birmingham that killed four little girls during the Sunday School hour.

During this dark period in American history, the political crowds in Alabama cheered Wallace’s hate speech. Today, way too many of Donald Trump’s supporters cheer the President’s denigration of people of color, whether American citizens or migrants.

In 1963, Wallace basked in his popularity among segregationists. Today, Trump is basking in his popularity among right-wing conservatives and white nationalist groups.

During his first term as governor, Wallace was revered by white nationalists. Trump is revered by them today.

Wallace’s hate speech incited racial violence in Alabama. Trump’s hate speech is far more incendiary than Wallace’s expression of hatred and it incites violence throughout America.

Innocent men, women, and children died in Alabama as a result of Wallace’s hate speech. They are dying across America because of Trump’s hate speech.

Wallace believed he could incite violence with his hate speech and later wash his hands of the death and violence that ensued when some of his deranged supporters inflicted unimaginable pain and suffering upon innocent people. Trump shares the same warped belief.

In 1968, I watched God transform George Wallace from the powerful man who stood in the schoolhouse door into a wheelchair-bound paraplegic who suffered excruciating pain every day for the rest of his life. God never allowed George Wallace to stand up again. Wallace’s suffering was so great that medication did not provide him any measure of relief.

Today, I am predicting that Divine Intervention will stop Donald Trump from continuing to inflict needless pain and suffering upon hundreds of innocent young children in Mississippi like the girl in this photo and the thousands of children who have been separated from their parents and placed in detention camps along the Southern border. I do not think God will be interested in Trump’s political explanation for his infliction of pain and suffering upon these innocent children.

Whatever God has in store for Trump will be far greater than the agony Trump has inflected upon these innocent children. Like George Wallace, Donald Trump will beg God for mercy.

God will remind Trump of this passage in Matthew 25:40: "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." Then God will say to Trump: “Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels.”

With that, Donald J. Trump will join the ranks of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Saddam Hussein, and the world’s other disgraced despots who found a permanent home in Hell. They all wind up there.

Like George Wallace, Trump has placed a badge of shame on his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren for generations to come. Nothing will wash away this shame.

PHOTO: The little girl in this photo cried as she waited at school for her parents, who were arrested Wednesday by ICE officials while working at a chicken processing plant in Mississippi.

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Beth Harrington
Beth Harrington
Aug 09, 2019

You are so right, in due time.


Jonathon Eicke
Jonathon Eicke
Aug 09, 2019

You know Donald, can I call you Don? You know Don, when I first stumbled across your little blog-site here I thought you were misled or misinformed. You were posting anti gun rights propaganda, with little to no basis in fact. At that time I thought you were arguing for more laws that our country didn't need. Yet, now, here you are arguing for us to completely ignore the laws we already have. I've concluded that I was wrong before, and the truth is that you're completely out of your mind.

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