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Easter Weekend: Celebrating God's Modern-Day Miracles in a Troubled World

By: Donald V. Watkins

Copyrighted and Published on March 29, 2024

My readers know that I am a spiritual person who comes from an America family that has served millions of the “least of these my brethren” since the 1830s.


Along the way, the Watkins family has experienced the joy of sharing the many gifts God has conferred upon us with humanity around the world.  


Our five-generation focus on serving the “least of these my brethren” has exposed our family to happiness and fulfillment that very few people will ever know or experience.


In 2013, we resumed our family's 1930s-era media role on “truth telling” as another added dimension of our service to humanity.


In January 2024, God made it abundantly clear to the Watkins family that He places a premium on serving the “least of these my brethren” and “truth telling” on subjects that make those who serve in today's “Pharaoh” positions very uncomfortable.


During the first two weeks of January 2024, God delivered two miracles to the Watkins family.  The first miracle occurred in the field of medicine. The second one occurred in the world of international business.


Considering our family’s vast, multi-generational contributions in the field of medicine, I thought I had seen just about all of God’s medical miracles.  I was wrong. 


In early January 2024, God delivered a miracle within our family that made two things crystal clear: (a) only God could perform this miracle, and (b) the remarkable outcome was obtained in a way that only God could deliver it. 


The second miracle occurred within a week after the first one.  God used a cataclysmic alignment of the cosmic universe of international business to lift us above the wrecking ball and debris field of Alabama-style Old South racism.


God wanted the Watkins family to know that only one force in the universe could perform these two miracles, and that force is Him.

IMAGE: The progeny of Levi and Lillian Watkins in Atlanta, Georgia in July 2023.

As we approach this Easter Weekend, what the Watkins family knows for sure is this:  Whenever we serve the “least of these my brethren,” we are serving God.  He appreciates our service to humanity.  From time to time, God shows us in deeply personal ways just how much He appreciates our service to the “least of these my brethren” in a troubled world.


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Donald V. Watkins
Donald V. Watkins
Mar 29

I featured my family in this article because it is the most important asset in my life. Money cannot buy what membership in this family has bestowed upon me. Many people worship their luxury homes, flashy cars, expensive shoes, suits and purses, invitations to VIP parties, and short-lived trips to exotic ports of call. Not me! I celebrate my family's five-generation service to humanity. The divine blessings that come from our devotion to humanity are priceless.


Donald V. Watkins
Donald V. Watkins
Mar 29

In a world of guided missiles and misguided men, the Watkins family relies on the greatness of God for its comfort. We worship God, not man. We celebrate service to humanity, not materialism. "Things" cannot love you; only people can.

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