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DOJ Criminal Complaint Filed Against City Of Valley, Alabama And Its Police Department

By: Donald V. Watkins

Copyrighted and Published on January 4, 2023

Today, I filed a criminal complaint online with the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington against the City of Valley, Alabama and its police department. The complaint grows out of the November 27, 2022 unlawful arrest of 82-year-old Ms. Martha Louis Menefield for not paying her $77 trash bill.

Ms. Menefield’s arrest stunned the nation.

Ms. Menefield’s arrest was captured on police body cam video and has sparked a nationwide call for action. Unbelievably, the Valley police officer laughed at Menefield during her arrest. The City used two police officers to effectuate Ms. Menefield's arrest.

In addition to arresting Ms. Menefield, the City posted an announcement about her arrest on its Facebook page. This posting amounted to “victim shaming” and public humiliation.

I will use all of my knowledge, skills, abilities, and resources to make sure those who perpetrated this ongoing extortion and racketeering scheme in Valley, Alabama are brought to justice. “Cash-register” justice in Alabama has no place in a modern society and must end, now!

Sadly, no local, state, or federal official in Alabama has stepped forward to condemn what happened to Ms. Menefield. This is why I filed the complaint with the Department of Justice in Washington.

Stay tuned!

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Robert Sebalu
Robert Sebalu
06 jan. 2023

Alabama is well known as a racist state ,the injustice still goes on and I feel it from all the way in Kampala Uganda

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