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Alabama A&M’s Daniel K. Wims Begs Corporate Ally for Help in Attacking Watkins

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

By: Donald V. Watkins

October 18, 2023


In a throwback to the Richard Nixon “Watergate” era of "dirty tricks" operations and coverups, Alabama A&M’s Daniel K. Wims reached out to one of the university’s allies (via an intermediary) and begged for help in attacking and destroying me. This outreach was immediately and flatly rejected.

Dr. Wims is on the hot seat for the problems reported in my article this morning. As of today, 37,977 readers have viewed my series of investigative articles on Daniel K. Wims and Alabama A&M. This number of readers suggest there is significant public interest in the subjects covered by the articles.

Dr. Wims’ wanted this ally to unleash its operatives in a campaign to attack, discredit, and destroy me, a move I had been pre-warned about from sources inside the university.

Dr. Wims has no interest in solving the problems I identified in my articles because he created them. The only real solution to these problems is for Dr. Wims to resign, effective immediately.

Instead, Dr. Wims is focused solely on shutting down my investigative reporting. This will not happen!

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Jackie Jackson
Jackie Jackson
19 de out. de 2023

Keep your foot on his neck! The AAMU alums need to be doing the same and asking several questions.

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