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We are Growing While Legacy Media Companies are Dying!

By: Donald V. Watkins

Copyrighted and Published on February 10, 2024

An Editorial Opinion

According to Google Analytics for January 2024, our news media platforms are reaching a worldwide audience of over 208,000 during a 30-day period.  This audience reach is an amazing achievement for news media platforms that do not solicit advertising or sell subscriptions for their news content. 

In 2013, we were based in Birmingham, Alabama and had an initial audience of 50 readers. Our sole distribution channel was Facebook.


Today, we are based in Sacramento, California. Our proprietary news content exceeds 1,000 copyrighted articles on matters of significant public interest, nationally and internationally.


In past years, efforts by Alabama-based news media competitors and other regressive forces in the state to de-legitimize our digital media platforms and discredit me as an independent journalist have failed miserably. 

Today, these media organizations are struggling financially. Many of them have been forced to sell favorable news coverage on corporate thugs and corrupt Alabama politicians for undisclosed "public relations" money just to stay afloat with scaled-back business operations.

In contrast, we NEVER accept money from any source to report, slant, or spin a news story. We report the plain, honest truth -- for free. Furthermore, we are achieving market penetration in the United States and abroad at a fast pace.

Our confidential news sources are diversified, trustworthy, and reliable.


What is more, legacy media companies in global markets are also experiencing a slow death. At the same time, independent journalism is on the rise.


Our Google-verified achievements for January tell us that serious readers around the world are thirsty for the presentation of unbiased, hard-hitting news stories on a wide range of current events by ”unbought” and “unbossed” independent journalists.  

This is exactly what we deliver.

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