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Stephen Miller Is A Disgrace

Updated: May 5, 2023

By Donald V. Watkins ©Copyrighted and Published on June 22, 2018

Stephen Miller is a far-right political activist who serves as a senior advisor for policy for President Donald Trump. Miller is the architect of Trump’s policy of separating the children of asylum-seeking immigrants from their parents at the U.S. border. After an outcry from human rights and religious groups around the world, President Trump abruptly reversed course and abandoned Miller’s cruel and insensitive Nazi-era family separation policy this week.

Miller previously served as the communications director for former Senator Jeff Sessions. He was also a press secretary to Republican Representatives Michele Bachmann and John Shadegg. All of these officials are flaming right-wing conservatives.

Sessions, who is now U.S. Attorney General, embraced and defended Miller’s controversial parent-child separation policy, even going so far as to quote Biblical scripture in his attempt to justify it. Sessions’ own church later distanced itself from his warped interpretation of the Bible on this matter.

According to Wikipedia, Stephen Miller grew up in a liberal-leaning Jewish family in Santa Monica, California. He is the second of three children born to Michael D. Miller, a real estate investor, and Miriam (Glosser) Miller. His mother's family immigrated to the United States in the early 1900s from Belarus escaping the anti-Jewish pogroms in the Russian Empire (1903-1906). When his family arrived in the United States, his great-grandmother only spoke Yiddish, the historical language of the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe. However, in spite of their poverty, as did most poor immigrants, most of the family learned English, worked hard and opened successful businesses in Pennsylvania -- "the classic immigration success story".

For reasons known only to Stephen Miller, he would deny to other immigrants the very sanctuary his mother’s family found in America after they fled the persecution of Jews within the Russian Empire. Miller exhibits the same traits that were exhibited by the Jewish Ghetto Police who aligned themselves with Adolf Hitler and other fascists during the rise of Nazism in Germany.

Jewish Ghetto Police (German: Jüdische Ghetto-Polizei, Jüdischer Ordnungsdienst), also known as the Jewish Police Service and referred to by the Jews as the Jewish Police, were the auxiliary police units organized in the Jewish ghettos of Europe by local Judenrat councils under orders of occupying German Nazis. They were used by the Germans primarily for securing the deportation of other Jews to the concentration camps.

The Jüdischer Ordnungsdienst were Jews who usually had little prior association with the communities they oversaw (especially after the roundups and deportations to extermination camps began), and who could be relied upon to follow German orders. The cruelty of the ghetto police was at times greater than that of the Nazis. The fate of the Jewish Policemen was eventually the same as all other ghetto Jews. Upon the liquidation of the ghettos in 1942-1943, they were either murdered on site or sent to the extermination camps.

During his years of government service, Stephen Miller’s open hostility toward (a) undocumented immigrants seeking asylum in the U.S., (b) Americans of Hispanic descent, and (c) African Americans has been greater than anything we have witnessed in America since the rise of Jim Crow in the South following the end go the Civil War in 1865.

Thankfully, President Trump renounced Miller’s latest insane act of political persecution and abuse of power. The question most right-thinking Americans are asking today is this: Why is a man like Stephen Miller working for Donald Trump in the first place?

PHOTO: Stephen Miller, Senior Policial Advisor to President Donald Trump.

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Dot (Dorothy A.) Fowler
Dot (Dorothy A.) Fowler
Jun 22, 2018

Because racists tend to flock together?

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