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Trump Has a "Judas Iscariot" in His Inner Circle

By: Donald V. Watkins

© Copyrighted and Published on February 26, 2020

Judas Iscariot was one of Jesus Christ's most trusted disciples. He was also the one who betrayed Christ. His betrayal led to Jesus' trial and crucifixion.

President Donald Trump has a "Judas Iscariot" in his inner circle. Right now, Trump loyalists are compiling lists of so-called "Never-Trumpers" who work in the White House and in various national government agencies. The President is intent on purging disloyal political appointees in the aftermath of his acquittal in the recent Senate impeachment trial.

Thus far, Trump's "Judas Iscariot" has escaped the purge, thanks in large part to his Chameleon-like ability to evade White House scrutiny and detection.

Make no mistake about it, Trump's "Judas Iscariot" is well-placed in his administration. He privately fumes about Trump's lack of class and he resents the success of Trump's family business empire. This man has already betrayed the President on more than one occasion.

In 2018, Trump's "Judas Iscariot," along with other coup d'etat plotters who were White House staffers and cabinet members, believed that Trump was too "unstable" and "unfit" to serve as president. They actually considered the implementation of an ill-fated plan to remove Trump from office by invoking the disability clause in the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Trump's "Judas Iscariot" had an active, direct, but very discreet channel of communication to Jeff Sessions, who served as Trump's first Attorney General. Sessions, who was regularly and publicly scorned by Trump for deserting the President during Special Counsel Robert Mueller's criminal investigation, signaled his support for an invocation of the 25th Amendment. The channel of communication between Trump's "Judas Iscariot" and Sessions appeared to be benign on its face. In reality, it was operated in a clandestine fashion that protected Trump's "Judas Iscariot." In Washington, this "cloak and dagger" technique is called "plausible deniability."

"Anonymous" alluded to this 25th Amendment vehicle for the coup d'etat in his September 5, 2018 Op-Ed article published in the New York Times. Regardless of his motivation, "Anonymous" was telling the truth about the 25th Amendment scenario.

A Longtime Track Record of Uncovering Wrongdoing and Clandestine Activities

Due to the highly sensitive nature of this information, I will only disclose the identity of the President's "Judas Iscariot" to the President himself or to Jared Kushner, who is Trump's son-in-law. I will also describe the attempted coup d'etat in detail and name the other key coup participants. The inside story of how this attempted coup d'etat evolved is simply fascinating and it has never been reported. I don't trust anyone else in Washington with this information.

President Trump and/or Mr. Kushner can readily verify my track record of uncovering wrongdoing and clandestine activities by simply reviewing the classified government files in two matters. Each matter requires a "top secret" security clearance, which both men have.

First, President Trump and Mr. Kushner can review the classified Pentagon file on the "suicide" of 19-year-old Army Private LaVena Johnson on a U.S. military base in Balad, Iraq in July 2005. In truth, Private Johnson did not commit suicide. She was murdered by a married four-star Army general after Private Johnson inadvertently stumbled upon this officer while he was engaged in the heat of passion with a female civilian contractor. The general had previously been ordered to end this extramarital affair by Peter J. Schoomaker, Army Chief of Staff when the murder occurred. The general ignored this direct order.

After Private Johnson's murder, the top Commander for Iraqi Operations briefed President George W. Bush on Private Johnson's "suicide" (which was one of 85 suicides involving military personnel in 2005) during a private briefing he gave to Bush in Washington that also included an update on the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. After this presidential briefing, the murderer was promptly fired as a four-star general and was immediately expelled from the Army. Private Johnson's file was then classified as a "national security" matter and sealed from public view.

I named Private Johnson's murderer in a series of investigative articles I published in 2016 titled, "The Murder of Private LaVena Johnson." The four-star general named in the articles has never demanded a retraction or threatened to sue me for defamation.

Private Johnson's "suicide" file remains classified 15 years after her death, and it requires the signature of the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff before this file is released to the media or public. If President Trump or Mr. Kushner reads Private Johnson's file, he will see for himself that the name of the murderer in her classified Pentagon file is the same four-star general named in my published article.

Second, President Trump or Mr. Kushner can review the classified intelligence files on how America purchased "hot nukes" from the Russian mafia and high-level Soviet military officers after 9/11 for $100 million apiece to keep them off the black market. After the purchases were made, these nuclear weapons were flown out of Russia by an Oregon-based NSA/CIA contractor to Huntsville, Alabama for decommissioning. This sensitive intelligence information has never been publicly disclosed before today.

My confidential sources for investigative news reporting are reliable, trustworthy, and impeccable. This has been the case dating back to April 3, 1977 when the Washington Post published a two-page headline article on the 1975 police murder of Bernard Whitehurst. The article, titled "Alabama's Watergate," featured a nationally recognized police scandal that resulted in (a) the resignation of Montgomery, Alabama's mayor and police commissioner, (b) the indictment of three police officers, and (c) the firing or resignation of eight others. Thirty-eight years later, the City of Montgomery formally acknowledged (on a historic marker erected in front of the city's police headquarters) the murder of an unarmed Whitehurst by a rookie police officer and the massive police cover-up that ensued for two years after his death.


Anyone within Trump's administration who seeks to block President Trump from receiving the identity of his "Judas Iscariot" is likely protecting this man. The individual still poses a potential danger to Trump and his family.

Like President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, Donald Trump survived an attempted coup d'etat. Unlike President Erdogan, President Trump has not yet rounded up all of the coup leaders, charged them with the appropriate crimes, prosecuted them to the fullest extent of the law, and imprisoned them. If Attorney General William Barr does not have the stomach for the administration of justice in this circumstance, Trump's Special Counsel, Pam Bondi, certainly does. Until recently, Ms. Bondi served as the two-term attorney general of Florida. She was also a key member of Trump's impeachment defense team.

Finally, the "deep state" that President Trump frequently references in his speeches and tweets actually exists. This cabal of coup d'etat plotters attempted to take down the President of the United States in 2018. He survived and the rest is history.

PHOTO: President Donald J. Trump

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