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Thank You, Olayinka and Jessica!

By Donald V. Watkins

©Copyrighted and Published on July 15, 2019

The Birmingham News’ job in Birmingham, Alabama is to portray civil rights activists like me in the most negative light possible. This is a time-honored tradition at the News that started with its willing participation in J. Edgar Hoover’s infamous COINTELPRO program in the 1950s. It continues today.

I want to thank Olayinka O. Arowolo and Jessica A. Findley for presenting the truth about the status of my international businesses in their sworn Declarations to my Sentencing Memorandum. Both of these entrepreneurs are pioneers in their respective fields and are highly regarded within the energy services industry.

Olayinka’s Declaration is Exhibit A to my Sentencing Memorandum. Jessica’s is Exhibit E to my Memorandum. Both of them volunteered to tell the truth under penalty of perjury.

Regardless of what happens at my sentencing hearing tomorrow, I am very proud of what our leadership teams at Masada Resource Group, LLC, and Nabirm Global, LLC, have been able to accomplish on the international stage. Each of these businesses continues to work every day to successfully implement its business plan.

Thanks to online journalism, my readers can review Olayinka’s and Jessica’s sworn testimony on an unfiltered basis.

PHOTO: Founding President of the Republic of Namibia, Dr. Sam Nujoma (right), accepts a donation of thousands of public school textbooks from Nabirm's CEO, Olayinka Arowolo (left).

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