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Kanye West Does Not Speak For Me

By Donald V. Watkins

©Copyrighted and Published on October 11, 2018

Today, Kanye West embarrassed African-Americans across the nation during his visit to the Oval Office. West, who is bipolar, put on a minstrel show that made a complete fool of himself on live national TV.

“I love this guy,” Kanye said as he hugged President Donald J. Trump. Kanye rambled on for more than 10 minutes without allowing anyone else to speak.

Trump loved Kanye’s bizarre display of manly affection. Kanye dutifully sucked up to Trump in a subservient fashion that would have made Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas extremely proud.

Kanye’s caricature of a self-appointed, modern-day African-American leader reinforced the warped views that so many in Trump’s far right-wing political base hold about black people -- "they are irrelevant, profane, and irresponsible members of American society."

Kanye’s performance was sad, unhinged, and laced with profanity. He actually used the curse word “motherfucker” on national TV during his rant from the Oval House. The White House’s official transcript of the meeting contains all of Kanye’s profanity.

Trump did nothing to curtail Kanye's gratuitous use of profanity. He simply dismissed Kanye’s curse words as the babblings of a raving lunatic.

African-Americans have been here before in American history. It was an awful and painful experience. Through blood, sweat, and tears, we struggled for over a hundred years to get away from today’s minstrel show.

Now we know that Kanye West is Donald Trump’s idea of a “terrific guy” who should be an acceptable leader for American-Americans.

I don’t think so.

PHOTO: Kanye West (left) with President Donald J. Trump (sitting) in the Oval Office today.

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