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Joe Biden's Failed Leadership Emboldens Our Enemies

By: Donald V. Watkins

Copyrighted and Published on March 18, 2022

An Editorial Opinion

The Russian-Ukraine war has shown the world just how weak and timid Joe Biden is as president of the United States. In the struggle between freedom and tyranny, Biden has failed to lead America and the rest of the free world in stopping tyranny.

Last August, Biden humiliated America on the world stage with his hasty and ill-fated withdrawal of American armed forces from Afghanistan that left hundreds of Americans stranded behind enemy lines.

During the last 15 months, Russian President Vladimir Putin has done everything to Biden short of spitting in his face. Yet, Biden will not fight Putin, or anybody else who threatens America's national interests.

The world watches all day, every day as Russian soldiers slaughter thousands of Ukrainians in their country. Biden has not shown a ounce of courage since this war started, even though the United States pledged in 1994 to defend Ukraine from foreign invaders in exchange for Ukraine giving up its arsenal of nuclear weapons, which the Ukraine did.

Biden's cowardice is enabling Vladimir Putin's war crimes and has emboldened America's enemies to join the fray. For example, Syria is sending fighters to help Russian soldiers in Ukraine. North Korea is ramping up its long-range missile tests to distract us in the Far East.

Iran has begun firing missiles into Iraq that are landing dangerously close to the new American embassy in northern Iraq. China is threatening Taiwan with military force. The Taliban, having defeated America, is now governing Afghanistan with impunity.

It seems that word is quickly spreading in the international community that Biden is a coward who will not fight to defend democracy at home or around the world.

Cowardice Has Never Been an Effective Style of Leadership

It is obvious to anyone with walking-around sense that Joe Biden is overwhelmed by the real threat that Russian and Chinese military aggression poses to the existing world order. These two super-powers fully realize that Biden is too scared to be an effective and respected Commander-in-Chief for the United States or a leading member of NATO. Russia and China view Biden as a coward.

Today, every bad actor on the world stage is kicking America's ass because Biden lacks the backbone to defend America and her national interests. They are firing bullets, hurling artery shells, launching missiles, and invading the airspace over democratic nations while Biden merely imposes ineffective economic sanctions that cryptocurrencies can easily circumvent. Innocent men, women, and children are dying every day in Ukraine because of Biden's cowardice.

I now understand why Barack Obama selected Joe Biden as his vice president. Obama needed a white running mate who was so weak and timid that he would never pose a threat to Obama's soft leadership style. Obama found this weakness in a neutered Joe Biden.

Ukraine could defeat Russian forces in Ukraine if America and its NATO allies imposed and enforced a no-fly zone over the skies of Ukraine. Biden will not do it because he is afraid of what Putin might do in response to this defensive action. In reality, Biden's weakness is Putin's best ally.

Vice President Kamala Harris did not help the situation when she traveled to Poland to assure America's allies and the world that we are committed to defending their sovereignty. It is clear that Harris was unprepared for this trip, as she gave answers to press questions that made absolutely no sense.

Harris has failed at every major task that Biden has assigned. She has not solved our migrant crisis at the southern border. She could not round up the votes for the two voting rights bills that died in the U.S. Senate in January. Harris is clueless about technological innovations for electric vehicles and advancing the commercialization of these vehicles over the next 50 years.

At the end of the day, Kamala Harris is little more than a glorified cheerleader for Joe Biden, who appears to be lost in the fog of war and his own senility.

Losing Prestige Around the World

Under Joe Biden, America is losing its power, influence, and prestige around the world at a pace that would qualify as an Olympic sprinting event. At the rate Biden is going, the barbarians will be at the gates to our homeland before his term in office is over.

As for me, I have zero confidence in Joe Biden's leadership. As far as I am concerned, Biden is a lost cause. If there is a weaker man in America, I have not found him.

Biden was duly elected as president in 2020, but he is lost in the job. Democrats need to draft a fresh new face as their presidential nominee in 2024, and it cannot be Kamala Harris. Democrats don't need a rerun of Hillary and Bill Clinton, either.

I still cannot believe that America's choice for president in 2020 was between a narcistic megalomaniac named Donald J. Trump, or a frail, senile has-been named Joe Biden. Both of these men were trolling around on the bottom of the political barrel in 2020. We certainly don't need a repeat in 2024 of an election between these two losers.

God help the United States! We need a president with the backbone to do what it takes to preserve our nation's place as the leader of the free world. Joe Biden is not that president!

IMAGE: President Joe Biden

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Between The Lines
Between The Lines
19 de mar. de 2022

Americas enemies are in America, not in some faraway land.

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