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Democrats Must Draft A New Presidential Nominee

A Commentary

By: Donald V. Watkins

Copyrighted and Published on March 29, 2020

I have been a declared independent voter since 2001. I have supported Democratic and Republican political candidates of my choosing since that time. I have contributed over $1 million to candidates from both parties.

I do not normally get involved in a political party's selection of its nominee for any office. For humanitarian reasons, I am injecting myself into the Democratic Party's selection of its nominee for president.

We all know by now that front-runner Joe Biden is poised to become the Democratic Party's nominee for president. Those of us who are honest with ourselves and candid with members of the public realize that Biden is in the early stages of senility. His condition is getting increasing worse.

Saturday night, I watched a compilation of Biden's TV interviews, including podcasts from his home while he is honoring a "shelter in place" directive in Delaware. It was painful to watch Biden drift in and out of his lucid moments. At times, Biden was clearly lost in his own mind. Sadly, Biden is a man whose time for the presidency has come and gone.

Nobody wants another senile president. Those of us who are old enough to remember President Ronald Reagan know what it is like to be governed by a senile president. Reagan, who had an affable personality, was senile during the latter part of his second term in office. Senile presidents are essentially figurehead office holders. White House aides and cabinet members run the country for senile presidents.

The political situation for Democrats is dire. Bernie Sanders is Biden's last opponent in the Democratic primaries. Unfortunately, Sanders is a socialist Democrat. America is not ready for a socialist president.

President Donald Trump is dominating the news cycles, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and America's response to it. His approval rating has increased since the outbreak of the coronavirus. More than 60% of Americans approved of the way he is handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Congress structured and passed a $2.2 trillion economic stimulus package in a way that allows Trump to reap the benefit of an estimated $1.1 billion in corporate money to regular and super political action committees that support his candidacy. Trump will be a formidable opponent with a war chest unlike any other presidential candidate in American history.

If Biden is the Democratic nominee, the 2020 election is going to be a bloodbath for Biden and down-ticket Democratic office seekers. There is still time to prevent this bloodbath, but Democrats must act quickly to find a suitable replacement nominee prior to their July convention. This will require a brokered convention, which is controversial but necessary for selecting a viable nominee.

Some of my readers are suggesting New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as the Party's nominee because of the way he is leading his state through the COVID-19 crisis. I do not want to suggest a nominee. I just know Joe Biden is not suitable for the presidency because of his senility, which will only get worse with time.

PHOTO: Presumed Democratic candidate for US President, Joe Biden.

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