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Ashley Renee Ball

By Donald V. Watkins ©Copyrighted and Published on August 6, 2018

Ashley Renee Ball is a Cavalier lover who lives in Marquette, Michigan. According to her Facebook page, she is the “devoted mother of five Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.”

Ms. Ball describes her professional endeavors this way: “I am a licensed attorney who is dedicated to providing honest, practical, and legally sound counsel to my clients. I entered the legal profession with a desire to help people. I think that you will find that my people-centered approach to the law is different than that of many attorneys. The legal system can be cumbersome and confusing. As a lawyer, I feel that it is very important to help my clients understand the process as we go through it together. Communication is key to the lawyer-client relationship. I encourage my clients to ask questions and contact me whenever they have any concerns. I pride myself on being honest, ethical, and compassionate. My goal is to promote my client's emotional welfare while pursuing their legal interests.”

Ms. Ball lists animal law as one of her specialty areas of practice. She was admitted to practice law in Michigan in 2013.

Ashley Renee Ball is an ally and supporter of Birmingham, Alabama-based Brittney Wilk, Lisa Thompson and their Cavalier Rescue of Alabama.

Yesterday, Ms. Ball decided it was time to publicly bash me. She chose a tread on Brittney Wilk’s Facebook page as the venue for her personal attack. Brittney Wilk, Lisa Thompson, and Cavalier Rescue of Alabama have been the subject of 15 investigative news articles I have published on this website about their infamous “rescue” of Cavaliers in 2014 at an auction in Wheaton, Missouri.

Citing a now-debunked January 26, 2017 article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution about a September 1, 2016 lawsuit the Securities and Exchange Commission filed against me alleging that I had “duped” athletes into investing in my companies, Ms. Ball went on to declare that “Watkins is a liar, a thief, and has a documented history of mental illness.” This statement was the sum total of Ms. Ball’s defense of the ethical lapses committed by Cavalier Rescue of Alabama in the aftermath of the Missouri “rescue” operation.

This time, I did not have to defend myself. Another Cavalier “mother” stepped up and did it for me. This is what Lisa Swoboda had to say:

"The smear campaign against Donald Watkins is particularly juvenile. Y’all posted a website that was created by the supporters of a well-connected alleged rapist to smear Watkins for having the gall to report on the travesty committed against Megan Rondini:  This is the truth about the DeadBeat Donald website: It also appears that members of this group are insinuating Watkins was paid to write these articles. He’s already addressed that ignorant statement on his website in the comments section of this article: And as for “tainting the jury pool”, that one is amusing. All the jury has to do is read the evidence showing the proof of what this group did in order to come to a quick, not-guilty verdict. The only information Watkins has used is that submitted to court by the plaintiffs in relation to the “defamation” case.  

Ashley Renee Ball, I’d read this if I were you: Watkins does not back down from powerful individuals who have done wrong which has made him a target of a few influential folks. You also forgot another governmental smear attempt from the FDIC. I’ll save you the trouble of locating it and post the update: He’s beaten the SEC and exposed various other wrongdoings by government officials including the investigation and exposure of disgraced former Governor of Alabama, Robert Bentley who resigned rather than being impeached. He’s not their favorite person. IF you’re familiar with the Sarbanes Oxley Act, Watkins got the first acquittal against the SEC on all 36 counts his client was charged with. It was a case the government very much expected to win. They didn’t. and The current case you cited was filed by the SEC, NOT his investors, the “charges” are outside the statute of limitations and his investors have not lost any money and are still invested with his company. Sounds like a solid case…. Nice attempt at diversion though and I would suggest carefully considering what you post in relation to the code of ethics of the Bar association of the state of Michigan. In addition, you might stop to think about why you’re denigrating a good, decent person. In addition, every member of his family is also a better citizen than most/all of the denigrators in this thread: If you have any friends or relatives that have an implanted defibrillator you can also thank his brother: ….

[E]very part of [Watkins’] article is true (just as the articles Watkins wrote about former Governor Bentley were true and led to his resignation). Those FACTS were all obtained from the court documents Wilk et al submitted to the court themselves….

Lisa Thompson, as you well know the information in that UNPAID blog came from the documents y’all submitted to the court as part of the discovery process. If there are any “inaccuracies” (and I’m sure you’re well aware there aren’t any), it would have been due to the fact ya’ll submitted them. In regards to that “close personal friend” of yours that talked to Watkins, I doubt you have any connection with Watkins within seven degrees of separation. Finally, the statement “the word in town, where people actually know him” is so transparent it’s amusing. He doesn’t stay in Birmingham and hasn’t for many years."

Thank you, Ms. Swoboda.

PHOTO: Ashley Renee Ball

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